What life is really all about?

Wondering what life is really all about? Well, here's the answer: Life is basically about being the best. It means that we humans strive to be at the top of the hierarchy. This applies not only to humans but also plants and animals. All life on earth yearns to be better than "neighbor". But even if life is to be the best, you can skip this rodeo and rather concentrate on what you want.

I know for me that this article could have been very long. I could have written about the theory of evolution, that we are in a constant struggle for existence. A fight only the best wins. I could have written that we humans, thanks to our highly developed brain, has come up with solutions that help us to live in peace with each other. But for most people will bother to read the whole, I will only concentrate on the essence. And that is that you must be aware that other people work to appear to be better than you. All the time!

Two of the most popular articles on your vibes. Now have courses in more confidence and manipulative people . It's really not that surprising. Confidence is perhaps the most important feature in the battle to be the best. And many who are vying to be the best, uses manipulative techniques.

The battle to be the best
Even as children we are aware of who is better than whom. Children become aware early on who is physically strong, who are academically strong, who have parents with lots of money, who are handsome, etc. These are properties that are important when it comes to that asserting themselves.

As adults, we are able to "fight" with the other, and those that are considered better than others, precisely, stronger physically, more intelligent, more money, more beautiful people and have more sexual partners than average .

When you are better than others, you have social value. Others look up to you or want to be friends with you to take part in the social value. They will be proud to say they know you. How often do we hear praise that someone knows someone who has a lot of money? Or know someone who has been to a party with a celebrity?

Speaking of celebrity. When celebrity is a signal that you are better than others. Media focuses heavily on the rich and famous. Although they often portray them in a negative light, we are aware that they are still better than us. Not only are they beautiful, rich and famous, but celebrities are also being looked up to and regarded as better because they get lots of attention. Attention is a need we humans have from when we are young, and we admire those who get it. We go to the people who unknowingly get much attention because attention is a source of relaxation. When we feel good, we are better equipped in the struggle for existence.

Humor is basically about being better than others. The movie "Dumb and Dumber" is funny because it makes us viewers to feel superior. Jokes act almost exclusively on any wins over another in some way or some shit out.

In recent times beauty operations become more and more common. Although it costs more than a month salary, providing people the new boobs, new teeth and new faces, only to emerge as better than others. It is a delusion when they operated beauty says they only did it to feel better. The truth is that they feel better because they see themselves as pretty or prettier than his neighbor.

Commercial advertising provides a picture of people who are better than others. They are often successful and attractive. Celebrities are used over and over again. The commercials that play on humor, is about people who shit out for us prospective buyers may feel better. In funny commercials are main always in some way inferior to us, eg. either ugly or stupid.

What you will learn from this
What you will learn from this, is that you have to be aware that someone is always looking to be better than you. It is part of being a part of humanity. It's hard to get away. Therefore it is important that you equip yourself in battle, and not resign.

You have to learn self defense in a psychological sense. Provide you with more confidence and teach you various defenses when someone is trying to manipulate you. For it often happens when someone actually is better than the other, even if they have a desire to be there, is that instead of getting better though, they try to make others worse. They oppress others, and it may be you who is attempted to suppress.

Jump off!
The problem with being in combat with others, is that we compare ourselves with others. When we compare ourselves to others, we will never be happy and balanced people. We will die more or less unhappy.

To not go into the same trap as most others do, you should make use of the most important assigned to you: Your brain. To assert yourself and also defend you best, you should strive to become a conscious human being. To get a quiet and comfortable life, you must be able to consciously make yourself so much that you're able to get out of and did not even participate in this match. Jump off. Run your own race!

You must be aware of your inner potential and work to manifest it. You can not get better than the potential that exists in yourself. If you are not aware of this you will always struggle to be better than others, even if your potential is not capable of it. You will constantly fight a battle that you will never win. Is not it better to spend energy on highlighting your best I instead?

If you misunderstood my message, do you think I mean you should be so much asshole you can to assert yourself. It is in that case error. My message is that you should work on yourself and get that good with yourself as possible, so that you can manage to rise above others' desire to be better than you. We can not improve than the potential that exists in us. All people have an intention in life that can accommodate what we really are.

Life is about being the best. It's about being the best fit. It's about being better than its neighbor. It's about being the person who is above all others. But it's up to you whether you want to continue that life.

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