Be a positive person!

When you are with other people, have you noticed that some smile more, laugh more and talk more positive terms than others? It is pleasant to be around these people, right? They send out good and positive vibes that we picks up, and often rubs it over on us. The reason is that we are influenced by others' vibrations, whether we want to or not.

Over the years I have worked to become a more positive person. I've managed. I've learned to focus on the positive aspects, although I do not put blinders on. At the same time I have become more aware of myself, and not least, more aware of the people around me. I have become more aware of how other people talk, their body language and what kind of vibe they send out.

Something I particularly note is that there are so many negative people. When they speak, it is often in a negative tone. They talk about how hard it is to get up in the morning, they talk about how much they hate the winter, they talk about how much money they earn, they are talking about (and the neck) others in a negative way, they say all the time that the job they have a crap job. I can still recite, almost indefinitely. Negative people focus on the negative, and they send out negative vibes. They are simply NEGATIVE!

Being near negative people is very tiring. In the long run it will drain one of energy, and finally have a simply wanted to give the negative person is a real slap in the face, or find rope and go out into the forest itself. Negative people affect the environment in a negative way, and it is impossible not to be affected to some degree.

Do not overdo
On the other hand, I have also seen people who are excessively positive. These are people who outwardly shows a painted up positivity. They are so positive that one can question their reality experience. Many people who are excessively positive can remind people who are in a kind of abnormal state of mind. Ruset, manic, or that they have taken on a false mask to hide the fact that they really are depressive. Or happy-Christians, who are high on Jesus.

Such people are also exhausting to be around for a long time. It is not hard in the same manner as for negative people, but it is laborious because it is stressful. And because an unconsciously notice that something is not as it should be.

It is best to be positive but normal, if such a thing exists.

Pc crash is no reason for negative thoughts!
A while ago my PC crashed. Hard drive went to hell, and all I had saved was gone. This was also draft some posts on this blog. But I was in a bad mood for it? No! Annoying, yes, but it was a minor and I took it as a new start. The posts that I had written could be rewritten again. And it could be that those who were lost, was bad. Also it was a good experience (backup is a good thing!). Moreover, the PC has become very much better after I got the new hard drive. It seems more "smooth" and I've gotten rid of some problems that were present from when I bought it.

I have begun to use " Google Docs "when I write. When I post on the web, and can also write on them from any computer. (Tips!!!)

After that I consciously began to focus on positivity, life has actually become very much easier. I've started reading a lot about positivity and positive thinking. And positive thinking has a link to both the law of attraction and quantum mechanics that I'm going to write about in the near future. Positive thinking is perhaps the most important thing you need to concentrate on to achieve success, happiness and success. I am also sure that the positive focus has a positive effect on health.

So, start to focus positive, too. It will make your life much easier!

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