Has your life become a bad habit?

Do you often go around thinking that you want to do something with your life? Hope you are soon to meet some people who show you the way to a better life? Do you have fantasies about that fate will send what you want right in your lap? In that case you have to wait long.

The truth is that it is up to you how your life will be. It is you who must make sure that you get it the way you want. Life is what YOU make it.

But it's so hard to motivate yourself and get going, you think. Yes that's right! It's hard to change your life.

Your life is a habit
The reason is that your life has become a habit. You have fallen into a pattern of behavior that it is almost impossible to get out of. All too often, life has become a bad habit.

A habit is a pattern of behavior or a mindset that is repeated automatically. The habit is learned, but have been implicated in both body and mind, and can almost feel like a behavior you do not have control over. A habit is actually rooted in your subconscious.

However, a habit is not as strong as an addiction or a mental illness. The difference is that you actually have control over the habit. It just requires willpower.

To maintain the habit, requires very little energy. This is what is dangerous. Physiologically, habit forming separate neural pathways in the brain, which helps to reinforce the behavior pattern. In addition, the habit of predictability and structure in their lives, something that feels as safe and well.

There are many areas in life that are controlled by the habits, good as well as bad. Morning Rituals when standing up is a habit. I am quite sure that you have certain things you do when you get up in the morning. Every single day! These habits are positive, then they save you a lot of time and effort in an otherwise stressful morning. Exercise is also a good habit, it adds something positive in your life.

The problem is the bad habits.

When the habit has negative consequences for you, it affects the quality of your life. Usually, when people talk about bad habits include nail biting, smoking, unhealthy diet, etc.

Have you been single a long time and waiting for a girlfriend to come knocking on your door? The problem is that your life as a single has become a bad habit. You have become comfortable with being single, and motivation to find a partner is in fact not present. Consciously or unconsciously.

And what do you do when you get home from school or work? You might make dinner, sit in front of television or computer, and where you are until you go to bed. Are you living your life from your couch? Comfortable, yes, but not very stimulating.

You must be out of your comfort zone!
It takes a lot to break the habit. It requires great effort to break the vicious circle, that is almost a reflexive behaviors.

Begin to be aware that you have a bad habit. Be aware of your behavior. To stop biting nails, there's a way you can put on the nails. Aid tastes terrible, and you are "disturbed" every time you try to bite nails. You become aware of the behavior or habit. As can you avoid and biting nails using willpower. The bad habit is over.

Is the life become a bad habit, is still the solution to be conscious. You must be aware of the patterns that create problems in your life. It can be difficult to "mock" them, since they are a part of you. In addition, maintaining the action patterns because you are comfortable with being the way you are. Some of you clutching habit it is to be you.

If you are single, you have incorporated you some habits that probably will never be appropriate in the company of a girlfriend. You shower as long as you want, you fart and burp loud, you eat what you want and when it suits you, and you have it as messy as you want. You are absolutely your own boss and have no need to take into consideration. These are habits that you feel is very comfortable, but you need to get you if you are with someone. This you know deep down inside. Anyway you might yearn for someone to share your life with.

The solution is referred to consciously make yourself habits, and you must be willing to let go of them. You must convince yourself that the benefits of having a girlfriend, surpassing the benefits of being your own boss in your life. You must be ready to pay attention to others. If you can not, the motivation to get stuck due to be low.

Not always just internal factors
A habit of sitting inside your own head. But you may feel there is anything remotely like holding you back, like. houses to maintain, kids, your job, your dog disease in others you have to take advantage of, lack of money, etc. Much can "prevent" you from changing behavior patterns.

You claim these conditions is an obstacle for you, so it's impossible for you to break the habit. This is completely wrong. Your external obstacles is still something that only exists in your head. But they work very well as an excuse for you to not have to take hold of your life, and continue as before. Remember that there is always room for changing life situation.

Awareness of habit is the first step to break with it. You must be aware of what you do, when to do it and why you do it. Then it is necessary to act.

It's about getting you out of your comfort zone. You must be ready to make an extra effort in your life. You must be prepared to have it a little uncomfortable period.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger built itself up to become the world's top bodybuilder, he did not do it because it was comfortable to train so much. When he trained, he is very uncomfortable. But he learned a technique, and it was that he focused on the comfort that came later. It was uncomfortable just a necessary evil that was inevitable.

The conclusion is that you must do something. You need to take action. You have the force necessary to change your inherent. Find it and get on with life.

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