Disease, it is good there!

In these times of flu we are showered with tips on how to stay healthy, and be as little ill as possible. There's even a vaccine against influenza. But the disease also causes something good with it.

This Christmas has for me been marked by illness. First I had a normal and straightforward colds that have lasted since the end of November, marked by exhausting cough. But 2 day of Christmas went over to fever and aching all over. This year's flu epidemic took my body and confiscated all the resources that exist. It was to be a cozy family dinner two days after Christmas, was a tiring meeting with family members I had not seen in a year.

Now that christmas peace has descended, and the vast majority of family companies is done, I can sit back and relax a little. I can concentrate on getting healthy.

I can not remember the last time I had the flu. It is many years since I've had to lie under the covers for several days, isolated from the outside world. My immune system has now been on my side.

Now I'm thankfully on the mend, and the forces start to come back. It feels great! In fact, it feels like I've been through some sort of purification.

In my opinion, namely disease a form of purification. Both a large and a little perspective. The big picture we get when we look at what the disease does to the Earth. In a cynical way disease affects the poorest hardest. They die.

Disease cleans away those individuals who are too weak, and allows for the healthy to live. To ensure the biology of those with the best genes survive and ensure the best offspring. To the best of life on earth in general.

The little perspective we find in ourselves.

When we get sick, it is a signal that we should take a break from everyday life. It is a signal that we need some focus on ourselves for a while, and that we need rest. Illness forces us simply to pay attention to these signals. Our life is changing in a really short period when we are sick, and purification is in this change.

We eat differently, maybe we only manage to eat fruit or soup. It's almost like a period of fasting . We sleep and rests us more than normal. We have less contact with other people, since we are away from work or school. We can not bear to have visitors, nor to go visit.

Illness can almost comparable to that of a ritual in which the person performing the ritual standing up on the other side as a new person. A ritual can mean a transition from something old to something new.

For it is often the case that when we recover from illness, so a renewed fervor in us that was not there before the illness hit us. We are happy to be healthy and we know that we have new powers. We think positive and maybe we will even see life differently.

I know people who have been cured of cancer. They have changed their lives completely. They got a real eye when they were sick. They have stopped smoking, they have begun to exercise and altered diet. They see their friends with completely different eyes. Both positive and negative. They have cut out friends who were bad, nor focused on the good. The disease has changed their lives in a positive way, after all.

Now you do not need to have cancer to change their lives. It can actually hold a little flu.

My tip here is that when you get sick, take the signals your body gives you. Rest as much as you need, and do only what you feel. Not that you would otherwise have imposed.

And an important thing in the end: Observe the thoughts that pop into your head when you are sick. Since both the physical and psychological defenses are put out of action due. disease, you may begin to think thoughts that you have not been aware that you had. The mind may have something to tell you. There may be thoughts about plans for the future, a project that you have thought of. Or thoughts about yourself, about your friends or other family members. Listen to your inner self.

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