Benefits of massage during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Few women dare to massage or to be massage during pregnancy for fear to hurt or make the baby! quite the contrary. Messages are a true source of well-being for women pregnant and her baby.

Massage is a wonderful opportunity harmonize aware of the different parts of the body and balance tensions and forces of life who meet the heart of this woman's body newly inhabited.

A miracle you accompany this life gently massaging the skin and delight your body softly envelops you like a silk veil to the feed to maintain elasticity and suppleness.

Upon confirmation of pregnancy until the third month of the child, you can use the Stretch Mark Massage Oil. Massage with this oil, increasing cellular exchanges, limits and prevents unsightly phenomena that may appear on the breasts, hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach.

Massage, to the ends of your femininity, can also prepare your stretching the perineum during the inevitable passage of the baby. From the beginning of 8th month, you can enjoy massages with a few drops of massage oil the perineum.

If you desire, after birth, is to provide your precious baby milk, you can extend the care of your breasts with Breast Massage Oil.

This guide will reveal the secrets of massage sovereign, the acting and safe.

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