If you are wondering what separates aromatherapy from classical massage, you'll find the explanation here.

Aromatherapy is a practice that goes back several thousand years to Egypt, China and Greece. This is a treatment where you perform a body massage with essential oils. It is increasingly used by the ailments they believe is due to stress and tension. When the repressed emotions that often get in the muscles, is released by massage, it is liberating for both mind and body.

Massage is among other things, stimulating the lymphatic system, blood circulation, removing toxins in the body and helps to promote the body's nature healing reunion. Essential oils are often referred to as soul and plant some 300 oils are known for their healing properties.

The essential oils are produced by small glands in the flower's petals, trees in the wood, stems and bark, and in the skin of many fruits. The oils have an individual character, and when mixed they release their spec capacity - as uplifting, relaxing and calm landscape. The main reasons for mixing essential oils is that they will bring out their various healing properties and create a particular aroma.

This type of massage is a relaxing experience with an atmosphere that is characterized by soft lighting, candles and soothe underlying music. The fragrances of essential oils and its effect and a massage that loosens muscle tension, is a wonderful way to unwind and get away from it when we recommend the use of ABI in the treatment?

aromatherapy massage
We use the ABI in the treatment of our patients significantly more frequently than we use PRP. This is due to substantially lower the costs of treatment and easier method. ABI can be combined with other method's rESWT (pressure waves), dry needling and eccentric training to achieve the best possible results. In particular, the damage is expressed in the tissue, as well as those who show little capacity for regeneration based on already ingangsatt treatment may benefit from ABI treatment. The injection can be repeated several times in the course without significant additional cost to the patient.

Compared with PRP treatment as we manage through the use of ABI to collect as much concentration of platelets in the injury site. To compensate for this, so we would like to use a dry needling technique with ABI therapy to increase the "trauma" on the treatment area. In addition, we can also inject a greater amount of blood to ensure that the entire area is treated properly. Moreover, we would like to repeat the treatment several times every few weeks to ensure the best possible effect.

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