Best Pregnancy Massage Techniques For Stress

The breast massage

First sign of pregnancy you feel your breasts gorging vitality, as Lady Nature already provides feed the small man who looks after the three seasons to come for transparency, to guess more of feeder vessels.

At the center of your breasts, like a bud hatches, develops mammary gland. They reveal heavier, firmer and often more sensitive. The nipples more color because the dermis thickens to prepare for the baby sucks. Taking care of your breasts daily be a guarantee of comfort and aesthetics for your bust and as a gesture health. Standing or sitting comfortably, explore massaging the breasts.

It allows a gentle approach and gradual breast. Heat a small amount of oil Massage Stretch Marks in the palm of your hands. Apply the oil from the base of breasts collarbone down to the base of the neck, encompassing areolas. Sure to distribute the oil evenly over the skin.

The intensity of the support depends on your hand your sensitivity. Imagine your breast as a wave. Your hands are riding the wave up and down (see Figure 1). Use  hand alternately right to the left breast and vice versa.

Drainage: to reduce tension's breast.

To prime the pump system lymphatic glands awakening nodes:

  • Place the tip of your fingers on the eight sternum at the level of the nipples between both breasts (see Figure 2) and stimulate the focal point in rotating in the direction of clockwise. This is an opening of breath. Take the opportunity to breathe deeply two or three times, slowly through the mouth.

  • Then cross your hands and slide down armpits, thumbs placing forward to the clavicles (see Figure 3) from circles under the armpit: press up towards the armpit, release down. If this is possible, you can highlight the support in amount to massage the lymph nodes. Indeed, the tensions mammary relax better when draining lymph nodes and the ample breathing.

  • Then place both hands on top of each other the flat palm over the areola. Exert and firm to gentle pressure to flatten the breast, the breast and subsequently reassemble pressed against the neck. Release smoothly. Do this 2-3 times pumping?

In addition to the Stretch Mark Massage Oil, you can use the cream herbal remedies. Massage areolas from the 7th month with this cream strengthens the skin. It prepares the baby sucks for "feeding welcome" recommended by midwives whatever your choice to breastfeed or not.

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