ABI (Autologous Blood Injection)

The method ABI:
ABI or autologous blood injection is actually injection treatment with the patient's own blood. The blood is found platelets. These platelets are a variety of proteins that function as growth hormones for the body's cells and tissues. This means that when we cut ourselves in the skin as activated platelets so that the immune system starts to repair the damage.

The same happens when we are hurting a tendon or a ligament in the body. We know that these repair processes are essential for the tissue to build up again, but in this period, there is also a pain. Many people choose when to use NSAIDs (antiinflammatory drugs). This damages to full phase happenings and allows the immune system does not get finished with the structure of the tissue again.

By taking out a few ml of patient's own blood from a vein in your arm and injecting it back into the actual damage that this process will trigger the immune system again where the injury. The result is that a new inflammatory process start, and the body regained built-up tissue.

Ultrasound diagnosis and guidance of treatment
On Therapy Center as always, we use ultrasound to verify the position of the injury and the extent of it. Ultrasound is also used to guide treatment at the right place in the tissue, and thus ensure that an enough growth factor activate in the damaged area.

When we recommend the use of ABI in the treatment?
We use the ABI in the treatment of our patients significantly more frequently than we use PRP. This is due to substantially lower the costs of treatment and easier method. ABI can be combined with other method's Radial Extra Corporal ShockWave Therapy (pressure waves), dry needling and eccentric training to achieve the best possible results. In particular, the damage is expressed in the tissue, as well as those who show little capacity for regeneration based on already in full gear treatment may benefit from ABI treatment. The injection can be repeated several times in the course without significant additional cost to the patient.
autologous blood injections for refractory lateral epicondylitis
Compared with PRP treatment as we manage through the use of ABI to collect as much concentration of platelets in the injury site. To compensate for this, so we would like to use a dry needling technique with ABI therapy to increase the "trauma" on the treatment area. In addition, we can also inject a greater amount of blood to ensure that the entire area is treated properly. Furthermore, we would like to repeat the treatment several times every few weeks to ensure the best possible effect.

Use of drugs
Use of drugs during the treatment is not recommended. You may need to use paracetamol and Codeine to curb possibly pain, and we recommend being careful with NSAIDs (Voltaren, Brexidol, ibux etc.) as these drugs may potentially be damaging inflammatory process. Use of cortisone in tablet form or injected should also be avoided in treatment.

ABI in acute injury
Injection of blood can be used to shorten the claims experience in acute sports injuries. In particular, the damage to the tendons and ligaments, this can be useful because these structures contain very little blood circulation. In the acute phase as it grows, therefore, a number of blood vessels in this tissue in order to increase circulation in the area. This process will start faster and works better if it's activated platelets at the injury site.

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