Wine and diabetes

Wine has been around for thousands of years. Cast for the celebration, times of sorrow and drank the beverage of choice to compliment a great meal. It is consumed by people around the world.

I guess you could say that it was universal, wherever you go, you can usually get your hands on a bottle. It can range from $ 9 that old cheap box wine I used to come back in college when I was a buzz or $ 500 per bottle you break out when you marry (there are not people).

The benefits of wine to help with type two diabetes until recently where the research is limited. However, new studies are beginning to appear about the great benefits that justify my drinking habit and can only give you a reason to return to pour a glass or two.

Well, it's not so much wine I want to talk about, but what's in it, resveratol. (Took me a few times to sound that one out) This is specifically found in red wine and in the skin of red grapes for wine making.

Resveratol shows some promise when it comes to helping with type two diabetes. Here are some of the benefits:
  • low metabolism
  • decrease fatty liver (lower triglycerides)
  • lower blood sugar and
  • lower blood pressure
Wait for a cowboy / cowgirl! I know what you think, "so I can drink a few glasses of wine at night because it's good for me." That's a negative!
the red wine and diabetes type 2 health tips
Remember wine has sugar. It's OK to have a drink or two on an occasional basis but not daily.

What I'm more focused direction is a nutritional supplement resveratol, about 150 mg to be exact. This is when I just mentioned come you only get about 1-2mg of resveratol in a glass of wine.

You would be up to two liters per day of wine a day to drink a favorable amount for it! Some of you say I cannot, if you want your work and your liver, you do not keep.

So a dietary supplement is the best way to get the amount resveratol to help control your diabetes and other complications of diabetes.

Of course, more studies are needed, but it cannot hurt you to get ahead and pick some from your health-food store. Remember 150mg/daily. As always, try to ensure the supplement, the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) seal a product of high quality.

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