Diabetes and Statins

Statins can increase the risk of diabetes in women.
The popular heart medications are widely prescribed, but are not without risk.

They are recruited to control cholesterol and prevent heart attacks; statins may also put women at a slightly higher risk of diabetes; a new study warns.

What chronic stress took a toll on our minds? New research suggests that stressful events like layoffs can actually reduce the amount of gray matter in brain areas related to emotions.

Skip the gym this morning? Some journaling can help. Women who were invited to write for 15 minutes on the most important values ​​for them are more successful on a diet plan than those who did not.
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Good news for supporters of medical marijuana use: smoking two to three joints a month does not reduce lung function, according to a study that compared marijuana smoking. However, experts warn that overuse of the drug could be many other negative effects.

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