Foods to avoid after teeth whitening

The 10 foods to avoid having whiter teeth.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful healthy smile because it gives the appearance of ^ be younger and allows us to assert self-confidence.

Although teeth whitening is safe, and if done correctly, the teeth will eventually stain again, and this is a fact of life.

Although you can make the effects last longer laundering avoiding some foods and beverages that are notorious for staining teeth.

Avoiding these foods and drinks, or at least eat them in moderation, can really help you keep that smile shining longer.

Nobody is surprised that he is on the list because it is known to stain teeth. The cause of this phenomenon is that the tooth surface is porous slightly, and teeth absorb all foods and liquids.
Obviously, one thing in a dark stained teeth.

If you really cannot give it up, then attenuate its effects staining by adding lots of milk or cream, and you will stimulate your capital calcium.

Drinking tea is not better, and it contains a lot of tannins. If you fancy drinking a mug of tea, then prefer a green tea or white, which is filled of antioxidants that will not stain your teeth a lot.
Avoid fruit flavored teas because they are often quite acidic, and they will stain the teeth.

The red wine.
It is possible that one or two glasses of red wine is good for you, but it will not be the case for your smile.

If you have had the language to glue following the absorption of a glass of Shiraz or any heady wine, you'll know why.

White wine.
It is likely that you feel safe consuming white wine, but is actually very acidic and can damage your teeth.

If you fancy a glass of white wine, mineral water extra for or clean your mouth after.

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Sodas and sugary drinks.
Sodas and sugary drinks are bad for your teeth, even LDes drink's light in sugars.

Sodas and sugary drinks darker in color are worse, but all tend to contain phosphoric and citric acids that weaken tooth enamel.

If you feel like to eat solitary, then attempt a straw to drink that is not too in touch in the midst of your teeth.

Fruit juices.
While being good for health, often contain a lot of acid that can destroy the enamel of your teeth and dark fruit juices are well known to stain teeth.

If you desire to use a glass of fruit juice, then attempt to temper it by adding mineral water or, better yet, eat a light-colored piece of fruit such as apples.

Balsamic vinegar.
This may sound dangerous, but a growing majority of us chooses to dip his bread in a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but unfortunately, the good balsamic vinegar can stain teeth.
However, if used for salads, it may not be so bad, apparently because the lettuce can form a film on teeth that acts as a barrier.

Unfortunately, Aitue between the teeth is not particularly attractive!

Tomato sauces.
It may be that the tomato-based sauces are good for you and delectable, except. they can stain teeth.

One way to limit these spots is to accompany a lot of vegetables like broccoli and spinach as they help protect the teeth.

Blueberries / bilberries.
Blueberries are well known super foods because they are filled with antioxidants. However, their beautiful deep color stained your teeth. However, they are worth the trouble to be consumed. Try just rinsing your mouth after drinking.

Who does not love a curry on Friday night?
If you spit on the carpet or your clothes, you'll see how it is difficult to remove stains.
The same applies to the teeth.

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