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How long does it take to learn to use the continuous glucose monitoring *?
The continuous glucose measurement * is a new technology that provides important information for the balance of your diabetes. Your healthcare team will explain how best to use it.

Could I feel the presence of glucose sensor?
You feel the presence of the sensor for a short time when it is inserted. Then you will forget quickly.

Can I take a shower with my glucose sensor?
The MiniLink ® and the sensor are waterproof. So you can keep quite when you are washing or bathing.
health measuring instruments continuous glucose in medical
Measured every 10 seconds, with a display of the average every 5 min. Before any treatment decisions, these values ​​should be confirmed by a fingerstick. There is a difference between glucose measured in the interstitial fluid and blood glucose measured in the blood system and may therefore not informed in all cases to a situation of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia detected by a blood glucose capillary. The glucose sensor is not yet supported by social security. Talk to your doctor.

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