Using an insulin pump

Benefit from an insulin pump

Fluctuations in blood sugar can be stressful for your body and can deprive you of foods and activities you enjoy. The optional continuous glucose monitoring * Paradigm ® pump VEO is easy to use and works 24 hours a 24, helping you to better control your blood sugar.

Are you a candidate?
Your healthcare provider will consider various factors to determine whether the insulin pump is the treatment for you.

Pictures and facts - Insulin Pumps
There are many misconceptions about insulin pumps. Discover the realities that cover the most common misconceptions.
Everyday life using an insulin pump
* Measured every 10 seconds, with a display of the average every five minimums. Before any treatment decisions, these values ​​should be confirmed by a finger stick. There is a difference between glucose measured in the interstitial fluid and blood glucose measured in the blood system and may therefore, not be informed in all cases to a situation of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia detected by a blood glucose capillary. The glucose sensor is not yet supported by social security. Talk to your doctor.

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