Glucose measurement units

What is the extent of continuous glucose?

The continuous glucose measurement is a plot of your glucose level 24 hours 24. Trend arrows you also indicate the direction and the change in your glucose levels. Finally, hypo-and hyperglycemia alerts to allow you to be notified when your rate exceeds the thresholds.

Thus, the continuous glucose measurement can help you understand how your diet, exercise and medication affect your glucose levels, so you can better manage your diabetes. Furthermore, with this information, your medical team can customize your diabetes treatment and as a result reduce the risk of a long-term complication.

To measure glucose levels, a small sensor is placed under the skin. It measures the glucose in the fluid between your cells (interstitial fluid) at intervals of a few seconds and sends the information to a transmitter, which sends radio frequency to your pump.
the glucose measurement units equipment
The continuous glucose measurement can also be performed if you do not wear an insulin pump. In this case, your medical team will equip you with a small recorder so you can then download the data and visualize changes in your glucose levels.

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