Dentist filling

Gel regeneration could replace dental fillings.

They say a little aggressive dental gel containing a novel peptide could promote regeneration of teeth.

In about a month, the flexible film that was placed next to a cured tooth decay.
This new technology in the form of gel or thin film could eliminate the trip to the dentist to fill cavities or painful to pierce the root canal of an infected tooth.

Its effectiveness and its low dangerous having been demonstrated, the sealing and drilling are in the millions.

However, with this new discovery, visits to the dentist could certainly become more pleasant.

The drilling of the tooth can be numb, and some patients still complain about the noise of the drill.

Imagine that instead of the traditional dental canal, a simple effleurage thin film could cure your teeth.
dental filling procedure
The gel or thin film contains a peptide known as the 'MSH', or hormone that stimulates the melanocyte. It was shown that the MSH promoted bone regeneration. Bones and teeth are identical, so scientists have thought that if the MSH could work on the bones, it could work for your teeth too.

MSH can also be used to heal bones and other body tissues.

However, as this is a new technology, the regeneration of teeth could be done only in limited circumstances.

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