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25 things to never tell a woman or a man overweight.

Some remarks not to do when you talk to a person who is overweight. Here is a selection of things not to say.

Central concerns of many people are cellulite, preparing the body to put the bikini or bathing suit this summer without worry, overweight in different areas of the body weight loss to get back to form and Health. Various polls show that seven out of 10 women and five men over 10 say they are dissatisfied with their bodies for one reason or another. And taking into account the fact that the obesity epidemic is rampant, there are indeed good reasons some attention.

Views these statistics, if you're one of those who have neither are fat nor concerns or dissatisfaction with their bodies, and if you think those who have problems with their love handle , buttocks, their soft and their amorphous thighs can withstand light teasing about being overweight, do not be so sure. Specifically, during a conversation, avoid offensive (sometimes referred to without bad intentions at the outset) described in this article will help you not to leave a bitter taste to anyone who is overweight (she is a girl or a guy).

List 25 things to say under any circumstances to anyone with excess weight (unless you knowingly want to offend):

1) "When is your expected delivery?"
Unless you are certain (e) 100% sure that your contact has a plump belly is pregnant, do not run at all is something like "How many months are you pregnant?" alternatively, "When do you plan to give birth?" during the discussion. This is likely to ignite the woman in front (which coincidentally is not pregnant, just having a round belly, but you did not guess), who will not know where to go, putting you at the same opportunity in the deepest embarrassment.

2) "You got me looking good!"
What is the worst thing you could say to an overweight person? For many people wrapped, nothing more annoying than encountering knowledge they have not seen for some time, and they said, "Wow, you gave me the look great! ". They can take this as a thinly veiled insult, referring to the fact that they have gained weight since the last time you've seen.

So, avoid such a blunder out the next time you meet someone in this situation (thus preparing other forms of address that does not create implied unfortunate). You can simply just make a simple greeting like "Well it's been that we did not see them, how are you?"

3) "We do not have this dress in your size"
Many people fear a bit heavy going into clothing stores after hearing repeatedly observing torturing "Sorry, but we do not have your size in store" just after crossing the front door, even before it 'they could try anything and not knowing if they come to buy and give to someone else. Say this to a (e) customer (e) even before the / is truly impolite to greet the rest, the best way / the hunt for the store and always cause a very negative word of mouth.
Overweight person diet workout
4) "Have you ever tried to diet?"
This kind of question is likely to displease the overweight person in front of you. Chances are she has already tried many diets without success (and you would have guessed otherwise). Atkins's diet, cabbage soup, lemon detox, liquid diet, etc.... she had to try many food programs. The problem lies somewhere else for it: we must stabilize after the diet, not just try it. Your partner may also find yourself awkwardly daring to ask such questions.

5) "My sister just lost 40 pounds"
Even if this were the case (and even if your sister has lost only 5 pounds), do not come about this weight loss with someone who has concerns of weight. Your contact could be happy (at least in appearance) to the success of your sister and everything, but really, it probably does not taste very little to hear that someone else has just succeeded in losing a lot of weight, while she has trouble getting rid of excess pounds.

6) "You want to take a gym membership with me?"
Even if you want to show you helpful with your friend (an) overweight, know that the further he / she has any extra pounds more he / she may hate gyms. Your proposal is very likely to be declined because your Friend (s) who is obese cannot be seen easily putting on a (huge) cycling shorts to ride a stationary bike or running on a treadmill (with chest bouncing everywhere to imagine that anything could and horrify). Sweating in the audience could be so unworthy of your boyfriend / girlfriend, especially in a room full of people thinner and moreover, covered with mirrors on the walls (reflecting more mauves the self-image that your friend (s) is it).

Instead to propose this, suggest to him to take a walk with each other, walk the dog duo, biking side by side at the slow pace. If your friend (e) does not do sports outdoors, at the sight of all, offer to make workouts together at home (at home or at his / her if you have adequate sports equipment like a stationary bike, treadmill, stepper, weights, etc....).

7) "There is no appearance that matters to me"
So why draw attention to the fact that your partner is not coated with a top model, instead of simply not mention it? It sounds like saying, "There is the inside that counts for me" to a person wrapped, implying that it suffers from a little physical advantage.

8) "You must be very funny you, right?"
The French comedians who are obese do not miss: Sebastien Cauet, Marc Jolivet, Didier Bourdon, Guy Carlier, Dominique Farrugia, Eric Collado (the "ç We"), Rene forgets, etc.... In the U.S., there are famous as overweight comedians Jonah Hill, John Candy, Seth Rogen, Cedric the Entertainer, Gabriel Iglesias, Chris Farley, Ralphie May, etc....

Thinking about these comedians, many of us unconsciously associate the chubby side to a character funny / amusing. Many people also believe that "because a man is big, it makes up for fun in the gallery." However, this is merely a prejudice. If we followed the same logic, all the girls would be "emotionally unstable and know nothing about football," is not that ridiculous?

9) "Sir / Madam, here is a buffet where you eat whatever you want, not what you can"
Some overweight people have already heard this type of thinking at the corner of a dresser, often organized with friends (and friends of friends) and more, which is a shame because this sentence has nothing friendly. Never say that to someone just because you are round pissed too long to wait in line to serve you. If by chance you let escape such as ridicule, the person in front may well not be pushed around.

10) "Do you know how many calories there are in that food?"
And no, all people have not wrapped an encyclopedic knowledge of the calories of all foods. This is not because they are overweight they have to master this subject by heart, and monitor everything what they eat a caloric standpoint. In fact, they might even hate that people are asking things like "Do you know how many calories there are in this dish?" If they are enjoying tasting a slice of chocolate cake, they obviously do not care to know the calorie content of what is (at least during the tasting).

11) "Do not eat that!"
Have a suggestion food? It's great. However, try to show by your voice - just - this is a suggestion, rather than adopting a tone reminiscent of an order (like an order you aboieriez if your dog drooled on your new shoes).

12) "Is this it gives me the air of being fat (to)?"
This is a question inflated in spite of when you ask someone who has abs concrete and has a dream figure. The question to someone who is slightly coated will only make him even more embarrassed or complexed.

13) "Muscle weighs more than fat!"
This is false! Five pounds of muscle weigh accurately the similar weight as 5 pounds of fat. However, fat is more voluminous, while the muscles are firm and appear dry. This dissimilarity creates the false impression that there is fatter than muscle per kilogram.

14) "Wow, you've served a huge plate!"
Some overweight people are afraid of the multiple round trips to the buffet table for fear that others stare at them. So they tend to pile their plates of food for not more than using the whole meal. This is a profitable strategy, except that some people just caring might exclaim "Wow, but you took a huge plate there." Make sure that you do not do this derogatory remark.

15) "I never liked chocolate bars and bulging muscles in every way"
It sounds like the idea of ​​No. 5. Again, you try to show your interviewer overweight you enjoy it for reasons other than cosmetic. However, even the mention of what he / she has not (the chocolate bar in the case) could be germinated the idea of insecurity.

16) "Let's skip dinner tonight"
This is not a good idea at all. Do not eat may be as productive as against overeat (unless we starve is not as delicious to the stomach) . To burn fat, while the body needs to fuel its metabolism, and do not eat off this mechanism. Rather than skipping dinner, prepare a healthy dish made from chicken breast, whole grain, or integrate salmon, steaks, potatoes, peanut butter, turkey, etc.... the meal to speed up metabolism.

17) "Do your parents are / were overweight?"
Is this a roundabout way of asking, "whether obesity is a genetic predisposition?" Although genetics may play a role in excess weight of a person, this is clearly not the best way to start a conversation.

18) "I love that someone has a little meat on the bones"
Your contact with overweight appreciated your tolerance, but that's like saying, "I love the way you fart when you laugh too," it is quite crude and this sentence may show that you have not much finesse conversational.

19) "You should go to the gym"
Even if you had the best intentions, your formula will sound like a sports teacher who proclaims his orders during the shuttle run with students. Instead of saying this, enjoy the company of your partner corpulent and do not say your thinking out loud.

20) "Are you gonna eat that?"
Sometimes those who are overweight or obese like to leave the last piece of cake on their plates (especially women) , as if to show that he / they can be coated (s) while keeping the reservoir, without need to swallow all the food in sight. And if this person does / cannot eat this piece, it certainly does not appreciate you eat it (even though she knows that you might think it spoils food).

21) "You're lucky to have a chest too generous"
Do not tell a strong woman. she is lucky to have rounded shapes, or having a big chest, or even worse to have very pretty eyes (that's like saying that n ' it was nice of his body). She knows you really think "Oh, I'm happy not to be too big," so do not hold that kind of talk simply.

22) "You look soooo beautiful in your wedding dress"
If you do not really think so do not formulate this type of speech that might offend the sensibilities of many women covered. For example, if your friend or close shows you the album of wedding photos, do not deceptively exclaim " Oh, you look beautiful in your wedding dress "while your face reveals that s' is not a sincere compliment.

23) "Chéri (e), I cannot feel my feet"
If you are pretty well accustomed to (e) that your partner has taken a bit of weight (such as after pregnancy or after a long period of inactivity due to a work project very time ), does not make her penalty by venting a miserable "I cannot feel my feet my / my darling (e)" for your hugs. This is something that can humiliate your partner, and it is therefore, imperative to escape your thoughts for the good your relationship.

24) "Do not you hesitate, eat what you want!"
This sounds like "Oh; it's not a problem, do not pay attention to your line, in every way you are already big (is)". This may offend some people who are overweight.

25) "It's been that you have not eaten?"
This is really not important, and it still very insensitive. Be more considerate if the idea of ​​such a phrase you crossed my mind.

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