Best way to lose love handles

Love handles how to lose?

Having the bun (a belly overflows) is a sign that should prompt change of lifestyle. Read our advice before acting.

They are stubborn those love handles; it is often unnecessary that part that comes off the harder the body after dieting. Moreover, a person may have a slim and have been overflowing around the belly.

Why are they called and elsewhere? It is strenuous to conceive that someone could love her bun. Probably, because, as a (an) old (not) lover (e), it is difficult to get rid of them: the fleshy pieces of localized fat on the sides of your waist, above the hip.

We tell you right away. If you want a quick and easy way to destroy this overweight visible to your waist, you'll be greatly disappointed. The fact is that you simply cannot lose excess fat in a specific area of ​​the body (e.g. stomach when you have the bun). This means that there is no miracle pill or exercise that can help you melt fat from particular areas of the body (including a belly so that overflows).

However, there are certain physical exercises, some changes in habits and lifestyle that you can take to eliminate these unsightly fat deposits, whether you're a woman or a man (remember that this aesthetic problem for men more than women ).
the best way to lose love handles guide
If you do not know how to lose love handles, 10 tips recommend simple and effective ways:

1) Adopt a healthy diet
The most important factor to acquire abdominal muscles shaped chocolate bars (meaning no bun in excess) is to eat healthy. Your diet will be 90% based on your success when it comes to fighting an unattractive bun. If your diet is not in place, then there is nothing, you can do to succeed in your fight against these fat deposits.

Here are some ways to help you lose your love handles partially:
Drink at least three liters of water per day during the period when you want to fight against your belly overflows (see also point 6 below),
Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day (especially green vegetables, which provide lots of fiber),
Limit fried foods and cheese,
Stop snacking throughout the day (getting rid of your home while nibbling),
Limit the processed sugar (e.g. soft drinks, cookies, candy),
Eliminate fatty red meat. Eat only lean red meats (no skin or visible fat) at 1 or two times a week,
Eat lean protein such as lean meats, eggs (mostly white) , the protein shakes, cottage cheese, fish (tuna, for example),
Do not delete a vital nutrient (like carbohydrates) from your diet.

2) Increase the amount of cardiovascular training
It is spending the calories, so they are not stored as fat. It is running on a treadmill at the gym, playing basketball with some friends, walking foot office, or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator, each physical exertion account.

Naturally, the amount of cardiovascular exercise you should do depend on the state of your belly sticking out. If you have a lot of extra pounds to lose, you should probably seriously consider a subscription to the gym. If the problem is minor, some exercises at low intensity may be sufficient.

3) Reduce calorie intake
There are not thirty-six ways to lose a handful of love. For starters, you need to lose weight. For this you need to reduce the number of calories your body retains. Even if you made the sport like a madman, you will always grow if the number of calories you consume is higher than what you burn.

Therefore, your diet is crucial in your attempt to get rid of the damn cake. In short, you must consume fewer calories overall, and less fat and sugar, in addition to increasing your intake of dietary fiber. Course, do not forget to do more cardio.

You can reduce your calorie intake to 100 a day (either by eating 100 calories less than usual or by burning 100 calories more than usual ) to lose 4.5 pounds after one year. One kilogram of fat equals 8000 calories. Reducing 100 calories daily for 365 days (that is to say, is to say one year) returns to fall by 36,500 calories, or 4.5 pounds of fat less. You can even double your weight loss (and weight loss of 9 pounds after a year) by eating 100 fewer calories each day AND burning 100 extra calories a day (do a physical activity).

Here are some simple ways to reduce 100 calories from your diet:
Leave 3-4 bites of food on your plate,
Remove cheese sandwiches,
Spread your bread with jam instead of butter or margarine
Choose to skim milk instead of whole milk,
Remove skin from poultry before eating,
Share a dessert with your friends / colleagues / relatives
Leave the crusts of pies and eat only the inside,
Order a pizza with vegetables instead of pizza topping's fat,
Remove the bacon to your sandwich, do not eat bacon for breakfast,
Drink diet soda instead of regular soda.

Here are some simple ways to burn 100 calories more each day:
Make no more than 2000 each day (about 1.5 km walk),
Walking the dog walk 20 minutes longer,
Jogging for 10 minutes,
Do housework for 30 minutes more?
Ride a stationary bike for 13 minutes,
Up and down stairs for 18 minutes,
Swim for 15 minutes,
Dancing for 20 minutes,
Wash the car,
Mowing the lawn for 20 minutes.

4) Decrease your alcohol intake
Even though all studies are not common as to appoint alcohol conscientious for alcohol contains, weight gain a set of "empty calories." . And since men tend to deposit all the excess calories as fat in their bellies, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages may contribute to that dreaded love handles.

Obviously, we're not saying it is necessary to empty all the beer and liquor in the sink, but to drink in moderation if you try to lose weight, and then try versions "light" or "low sugar." .

5) Make abs
Although increasing the amount of muscles in your abdominal region will help reduce the visibility of your cake, keep in mind that the reduction in area does not work. You can do abs all the world; they will be useless if you do no cardiovascular side, and if you do not eat healthily.

That said, there are a number of exercises that target your abs and love handles obliques more specifically. Try doing abs shoulder to knee: Lie on the floor (floor glue), cross your left leg over right leg and twist your torso, bringing your right shoulder toward your left knee. Do as many repetitions as you can. Take a break. Then repeat all the movements but on the other side.

6) Drink water
You've probably heard a million times before, and it's true; you should drink at least eight glasses of 25 cl per day. Not only drinking enough helps decrease water withholding caused by intemperance sodium, other than the water as well helps the body metabolize stored fat to obtain energy and suppresses to desire for food. All these factors can contribute to lose your grip of love.

7) Create a V-shape in the upper body
Although work your abs is a must in the quest to eliminate the ventral bun, you can also create the illusion of having a smaller stomach by making your shoulders, biceps and pectoral muscles bigger.

There are many exercises you can do on these different muscle groups, one of them is pulling back. Sit so your back straight stick against a chair. Hold a bar with your hands, keeping the same width is between your shoulders. Pull the bar toward your chest, pause, and then extend your arms (upwards) to return to the starting position. Repeat 12 to 15 times. Watch the video below to better understand this exercise.

8) Reduce sodium intake
This mineral is found in soups, seasonings, table salt, condiments, and lot other foods ready to eat, is harmful when consumed in excessive amounts because it increases your risk of disease's Heart and stroke.

Eating too much sodium also leads to water retention, making it even more visible problem areas like the belly and love handles (and you'll still have a harder time losing them). Reduce your intake of foods transformed high in sodium and avoid adding salt to foods you cook yourself.

9) Strengthen the lower back
Strengthening your abdominal muscles is an essential step in reducing your love handles. However, once you work your abs; you should also strengthen the muscles in your lower back to "balance" the power in your chest and reduce the fat present in the back.

Try the following exercise: Lie on your stomach, lift your feet and knees off the ground and made the kick (as if you were to swim). Do this for 15 seconds, then pause for 30 seconds? Repeat the movement twice.

10) Consider liposuction
It is certainly not a solution that suits everyone. However, if you have already tried all the methods listed above to reduce your belly without overflowing, conspicuously, liposuction may be the answer. In fact, it is ideal for people who have from 10 to 15 pounds, and have a particularly problematic area where they just seem not to shrink.

For the period of this surgical procedure, fat is "sucked" away of the body. While there is the extremely little weight loss in certainty, the body outline is improved, irregular radically. To determine whether this cosmetic surgery is right for you (in your goal to lose love handles), discuss with your doctor.

In summary, although there is no miracle solution to get rid of unsightly overflowing one bun in the stomach, there are indeed ways to lose some. A combination of exercise, healthy eating behavior and targeted training will help you look slimmer (especially abdominal) and physically fit in no time. Just keep your patience, and do not give up.

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