Loss of Confidence

Why we lose motivation

To restore motivation, it is wise to look at why we lose it. If we go back to the motivational factors, it is easy to see what the cause is. If we no longer feel well pleased with what we do, or that our interest is less (we find no opinion), we lose motivation. The same applies to the external factors. If others do not give us the attention, we want or that the materials herein reward away, the less motivation to continue. (Would you have worked for others, even if you did not pay?)

When something becomes too repetitive and monotonous, we lose interest. Boredom is a good index, and an explanation of why boredom occurs; we can return to the perception and perception . The senses need the stimulus to function optimally, and there is a mechanism built in the U.S. to ensure that our senses work as well as possible.
the loss of confidence after break up
This is important for our survival, and we will feel an urge to stimulate the senses in different ways and at several levels. Monotony is a source that we lose motivation. (The absence of sensory stimuli is called deprivation , and leads to decreased function in the relevant sense.)

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