The Concept Of Motivation

The term motivation is composed of the word motive and the suffix - action. The word subject can have two meanings: the cause and goal. The motive for an action, therefore, contains both the cause of action and target of the action.

-Action derived from the Latin meaning action.

The definition of motivation is then what leads to action based on a cause and a goal.

The verb "to motivate" means "to move" (Latin: movare).

Motivation theory is a field within psychology that seeks to determine the cause of our behavior. What motivates to action and what are the internal and external motivation factors for why we do what we do? To understand the full range of the reason for our actions need to settle down for many years of study. There you have hardly time, so the most important right now are the inner and outer motivation factors.
about the concept of motivation for treatment
Internal factors deal with the psychological aspects feeling of comfort, satisfaction and happiness curiosity, interest and desire. Motivation consists of fulfilling them.

External factors are rewarded by such praise, social status and materials herein goods, or the absence of an evil such as criticism and physical pain.

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