Motivation is a basic source of everything we do. If we lose the motivation, we also lose the ability to do something. We lose the ability to act and without it, you will not get far. Here, you will learn how to maintain motivation.

Bad it is to lose motivation when we try to reach a specific goal. Examination, sports competition, diet, complete a project, yes we all have goals we want to achieve.

Even so, life also brings times when motivation is at the top. I must admit that I sometimes struggle with motivation powerful. To wash the dishes is a chore. The training is inattentive, blogging is absent, and the idea of ​​going to work suddenly reminds me that there is something called self-certification. (But then I'm conscientious; I struggled to work!). I have not really wanted to do some of what I usually do.
the motivation definition
When motivation is absent disappears into the positive attitude that traces the sun. One is left with a feeling of emptiness, an emptiness that holds one back and do that will not start no matter how hard one tries. It's like losing your appetite even eating becomes an effort.

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