Yoga - the doctrine that came to us from antiquity. It originated about 8,000 years ago in India, and until recently was shrouded in mystery, creating an atmosphere of mysticism around himself. Many people mistakenly believe yoga a religion; others associate it with magic and hypnosis. Because of these stereotypes, many people are still afraid of the word "yoga," despite its popularity in the recent past and are hesitant to come to class.

In fact, Yoga - an ancient science of man, is a specific way of life, which allows to gain perfect health - physical, mental, moral. Yoga - a unique system based on a thorough knowledge of the laws of nature and wisdom of Indian philosophy. It helps the body does not get old, treat disease and simultaneously soothe nerves and restore peace of mind, clear your mind, increase resistance to stress, performance, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome, helps restore energy balance.

Yoga postures - the ideal form of exercise which, if done correctly, gives the body the ease, efficiency, produce the body's resistance to disease. They stimulate the harmonious functioning of all internal systems respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, glandular, urinary and excretory. Yoga trained the whole body and enlivens all physiological functions, resulting in both body and spirit health gain. Yoga (postures) (breathing exercises) withstood centuries of the test of time, and still better and more complete system of healing the body had not yet invented.
yoga to the people
The uniqueness of the system of yoga, in contrast to all sports, is, in particular, that it is universal and is suitable for absolutely everyone. Yoga can begin to engage in seven years, and you can start in 70 years. It can deal with both men and women, both experienced athletes and people who have never engaged in sports, both healthy and having a "bunch" of disease. For each person, there is "his" yoga. Its varieties are many: children's yoga, yoga for pregnant women, yoga for seniors, yoga for athletes. Yoga for people with problems of the spine, joints, and various diseases of the respiratory system, circulatory, digestive, etc. Deal can and should be even with such serious diseases as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, etc. This unique system is good because it cannot only prevent disease but also to full heal, many of them. Therefore, faster and more efficient and benefits of yoga are beginning to feel the people, began at age 50 and older or people with health problems, desperate and disappointed to have lost hope of finding the lost health and joy of life.

Experienced master in the classroom always draws people's attention on the correct execution of poses, talking about their therapeutic effects on classes for beginners, a lot of talk on the role of the spine, one or another system in the human body. It turns out that before I learn the Yoga, it is necessary to learn how to stand, walk, sit, lie down. Practicing yoga, one begins to slow realize that his health is simply in his hands. That only he and that he, rather than doctors, relatives, colleagues at work, weather, etc. is responsible for their own physical and emotional condition, good health and spirits. Gradually, the person begins to change character; he gets rid of the fears, complexes, and negative qualities and becomes calmer, balanced and cheerful. The man even looks a lot is changing - looks younger than his years; his eye's shine, movement and gait are very light, elegant, graceful.

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