Modern and trendy now fitness has existed and flourished for hundreds of years ago, but then called in another way, more precisely, not named in any way at all. It is an ancient version of a similar lifestyle, which, according to most experts, no doubt back in the V century BC. er. The ancient Greeks, in fact, created a "prehistoric fitness," devoting himself to sports and turned it into a kind of art. The main goal for the first amateur athletes was an inner harmony and outer beauty. Moreover, the daily hours of training did an athletics profession - the ancient athletes were spending all their time training to win at the Olympics. A little later, the art of athleticism reached Rome, and ancient sports were their favorite folk show as a result, familiar to many born Fitness - a new word with the old sense. It is worth remembering and the existence of the term - the first Roman fitness clubs, which served not only for hygiene procedures, but also for exercise and cultural facilities. Due to this, the terms are ultimately the meeting place for the community. Later, similar institutions have in many European countries.

However, in contrast to the ancient term, even in the most luxurious of them there was nothing that was meant for exercise. Only at the turn of the millennia around the world appeared complexes that combine gyms, beauty salons and saunas - modern health clubs. As in ancient Greece for many years, fitness has become a profession for some and for others - a way to achieve physical perfection and spiritual harmony.

The second version of fitness (which, incidentally, better described as the second stage of its development) - American officially the term was born in the United States about 30 years ago, although the first training programs were formed during the Second World War. In order not to lose time in vain, American soldiers were engaged in weight training, strengthen your abdominal muscles, tighten on the bar. After years of simple exercises have become classics, and professionals in the field of fitness are constantly improving them.

Fitness and its variants.

Now widespread such a thing as fitness. However, not everyone can see exactly what is hiding under that term.

Any exercise or set of exercises, the result is to achieve a certain level of health that relates to fitness.
fitness motivation
Fitness has many varieties:
Tai Chi

Due to this diversity trends in fitness, everyone can choose what to liking to him.


Aerobics - a movement to music that stimulates the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, a great way to lift mood and fight obesity. Aerobics attractive because of their accessibility, passion and ability to change the content of lessons depending on the interests, physical condition, age, level of physical fitness involved.

Today, there are about 40 kinds of aerobics, which can engage in a fitness club or at home. Among the many areas of improving aerobic exercise can distinguish main groups:
gymnastics, athletic (classic aerobics, stretching);
dance styles (jazz, aerobics, salsa aerobics, etc.);
the cyclical nature (e.g., step, aerobics saykl);
direction east-zap ad2 which united European and Oriental culture in the field of fitness (yoga, Tae-bo, ki-bo).

Tell me more about the subspecies in each direction.

Slide aerobics.

Slide aerobics - it's an exercise for athletic direction using a special slide-board. Classes on the slide are a high-intensity type of aerobic training. Most of the exercises like motion skater and is aimed at developing the muscles of the lower body and overall endurance, balance and coordination. That is why, according to specialists, slide aerobics - the best kind of aerobics for women who want to get rid of extra pounds in the hips.

On the track, the slide is recommended to engage in running shoes with a wide flat sole. In addition to the exercises on a slide attached special socks that are worn over athletic shoes for maximum effect from the workout. For the first time standing on the slide, people will feel not very confident. Of course, in a more advantageous position will be lovers of skates. However, they have pretty sweated, learning new practices. To do this, learn how to make a strong push to recover from the center of a slide to it aside and then back again. To correct perform you need to stretch the inner and outer thighs.

Having mastered the art of sliding, moving on to more complex exercises: rotations of the body, hands, leg raises and more. Catching up on the slide, keep your shoulders, chest and hips in a straight line, and knees - strictly under the soles. Necessarily equal distribution of weight between both feet, and the repulsion is the entire surface of the foot. Furthermore, do not forget to keep the slide in the field of view directly in the process of sliding.

Slide aerobics.

Step aerobics - type of aerobic exercise using a special step platform, which allows movement coupled with the steps and jump on it and through it in different directions. The platform is made of the frame that holds up to 600 kgs, which ensures complete safety.

Aerobics is ideal for preventing and treating osteoporosis and arthritis, as well as to strengthen leg muscles and the recovery of the grass knee. Step aerobics classes perfectly enhance the shape, especially the muscles of the shins, thighs and buttocks. And applying charges (such as dumbbells) up to two kilograms, can strengthen muscles and shoulder girdle. Do best in sports shoes (running shoes). During the training necessary to ensure proper posture, and coming back from the platform onto a solid surface, put your foot on the entire soul.

Tempo musical accompaniment is usually 120 - 130 of accents in a minute.

Dance aerobics.

Dance aerobics is a complex dance movement based on the basic steps.
It strengthens the muscles of the lower body, stimulates the cardiovascular system, improves the coordination of movement and posture, burn calories and thus lose weight.

Depending on the key style of dance release:
Latin (salsa aerobics)
modern jazz, etc.

Training is conducted at a brisk pace to the music, corresponding to a particular style. Dance aerobics is very attractive, emotional and has great prospects, but to call it an easy occupation impossible - for beginners are constantly having trouble with the coordination of their body. If you want to do and good experience, this problem can be solved.


Aerobics is a form of group exercise on a stationary bike indoors. Much of the training takes place on the bike, except for warm-up and final minutes in the gym. Such training is much "load" the cardiovascular system and muscles of the legs, and when the music tempo to 150 beats and higher spinning automatically lose aerobic roots and became one of the types of force fitness.

Compared with the classic aerobics classes or on the treadmill to burn energy faster (45 minutes at an average pace workout burns up to 500 kcal).


Aqua-aerobics - analog of the classical aerobic workout in the water using special equipment (belts, vests, dumbbells, straps, paddles, gloves, etc.) Aquatic environment facilitates the majority of the exercises and is an excellent place to conduct classes with a strong improving effect. Instructor training is conducted themselves on the land, and the group is engaged in front of him in the water. Like any kind of aerobics, aqua aerobics is held under the musical accompaniment with different tempo.


This set of exercises and postures, got its name from the English language (stretch - stretch), is specifically designed to add muscle elasticity and joint - flexibility and mobility. Classes begin stretching and harmoniously complete the vast polshinstvo fitness workouts. The essence of stretching exercises is to stretch the muscles relaxed, or in alternating tension and relaxation state of the stretched muscles. Thanks to regular classes in the muscle fibers increase blood flow and improve the metabolism, which prevents them from premature aging.

Depending on the purpose of stretching classes used:
in a workout to prepare muscles for training, for the development of flexibility and elasticity of muscles as a separate class;
as a process of relaxing the whole body in the final part of a fitness program.
Basic principles of proper training:
It must be developed all the main parts of the body (pay attention to the muscles of the torso);
necessarily slow and even breathing and absolutely do not need his delay. Each exercise, start with inspiration (the exception - only with different slopes);
essential exercises performed while sitting or lying;
maximum concentration is on that part of the body, which is stretched;
time frame classes - 20-55 minutes three times a week.


System of exercise's tai chi was created many years ago, Taoist monks. It is based on a whole opposite cosmic force of "yin" and "yang," the doctrine of which can be found in many martial arts. System of exercise's tai chi consists of two processes, integral to each other - physical exercises and meditation. Tilt and rotate the subject to the principle of circular motion. All exercises are performed smoothly and harmoniously. According to Chinese's physicians, the secret of tai chi is that exercise combined with peace of mind and relaxation, and this has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system as a whole. It proved that Tai Chi strengthens the immune system and helps the body resist viral infections. In addition, the ancient art of healing can be successfully used to strengthen muscles and joints, as well as to prevent osteoporosis in older people.


Yoga classes are considered to be one of the most harmonious developments of human systems, in fact, this whole philosophy of life. Yoga helps you maintain good form and avoid stressing, and promotes a long year of life. Doing yoga, you can even find hidden reserves of the organism and learn how to use them. By tradition, yoga classes include a variety of exercises, cleansing the body, the ability to control breathing and posture, somehow affecting the life force embodied in the human body.

Very quiet kind of yoga is classical yoga. Classes have no age or professional constraints.

Classical yoga helps to acquire practical skills for relaxation and meditation, learn basic postures, and also charge the body with energy by learning the secrets of health and inner peace.

Yoga places great emphasis on working with the body, but at the same time focused on training the human mind. According to this doctrine, a complete physical health and control over the activities of our body shell can be achieved with physical exercises combined with proper breathing. In the process of training a person should not just mechanically perform any movement, and clearly understand and feel what it does.

Fitness Yoga is the integration of the old gym and a healthy lifestyle with a modern point of view. It is for those who are not interested in the psychological part of yoga - meditation. These lessons are mostly to the correct execution of postures and total-body workout.


Shaping is an integrated system that incorporates not only physical exercise and dietary principles, and the art (shaping choreography), fashion (shaping style), the concept of a beautiful appearance. This is purely a women's concept of "being the worlds" particular way of life, which if desired and appropriate the effort gives a fair half of mankind slender body, soul and beauty of femininity.

Training in shaping a complex of activities, consistent effects on different body muscles. Training effect is achieved by repeating the cycle exercise. Repetitions are performed at a moderate pace many times (up to 300 or more), until exhaustion. It is the consistent study of all muscle groups with low intensity allows no significant load on the heart and joints to achieve the effect of loss of body energy.


The system developed by Joseph Pilates, and called his name, is a set of flowing movements designed to improve the flexibility of the body, strengthening the individual muscles and body as a whole. In the process is employed not only the large superficial muscles, but the deep and shallow, which require a different approach and specific training. Particular attention is paid to muscle "skeleton" for the spine; the condition is directly related to the overall development of the whole body. In addition to the purely recreational areas, Pilates is often used as a reducing vehicle after various injuries, particularly injuries of the spine.

Fitness - it is fashionable.

Thus, in our everyday life has become a new concept - fitness. There are special fitness clubs, have specific clothes for fitness, particular food. What is it? fitness literally a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness centers are complexes that are under a certain kind of services aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness - Transition concept is very similar to the well-known to us from childhood and therefore, pretty bored the notion of physical culture. All of what you do with pleasure, all that you do not achieve sports results in some form or other sports - all this fitness.

The whole complex of different directions - a gym, aerobics (as in the hall, and outdoors), swimming pool - all are component's fitness culture. Classes can take place not only in the hall, but on the street: jogging in the park, biking to the mood, but not, for the record - it's too fitness.

Fitness - a more capacious and at the same time, freer scope than exercises. Old-timers say sport that is no difference, just invented a new word, and they are right. A new look at sport and recreation, a modern word - and a new all want to perceive.

A wonderful opportunity to select
Now came a lot of sports clubs and fitness centers. Besides the common problems that unite these complexes, there are significant differences. First of all, they relate to the range of services, equipment class and, consequently, prices. Therefore, this rest or exercise (as you prefer) is available for almost everyone. Everyone can choose the best option.

However, the most important difference - it is the unique atmosphere that is inherent in each club separately and only reigns in it.

There are clubs with a large gym full of people, the hustle and bustle. Classes are reminiscent of friendship "hangouts." There's a lot of fun, healthy and interesting. It not limited to interest only to the sport, go there to see and be seen very attractive to young people. Better place, combining the care of health, sport and leisure, just do not find it. They are characterized by very free, democratic atmosphere.

Those who are lonely, who wants to make new friends will welcome the opportunity that they offer clubs.

If you have enough recovery and bustle at work, and you want to quiet enjoy a workout in a comfortable environment, trustingly giving himself only by the will of the instructor, and then relax, staying focused on anything extraneous - come at any gym.

The atmosphere in these clubs is quite unusual: the silence, broken by muffled blows of simulators, sometimes, light background music, almost sterility in the pool - a quiet lapping of the water one or two swimmers, a number - a number of free cozy lounges, illuminated by a soft warm light. You unwittingly possessed the general state of peace, comfort, freshness and excitement of lung involvement in a correct way of life. Staff friendly and unobtrusive. By myself, I know; it's addictive ...

Nevertheless, each club totally unique special atmosphere, everyone is proud of something that is only from him, and the division of the types of clubs is very, very conditional.
The only thing that unites them is caring about the person who came into it, creating a comfortable environment for work and leisure. Typically, the club has a sports shop, a cozy cafe or bar. Beauty salon here could not be more helpful.

Men happy to discover the charm of a pedicure and many conceivable services.

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