Belly Dance or beauty and harmony

That cannot a woman to stay longer as gorgeous, young and advantageous. Shaping, fitness, aerobics, fitness, killer diets, dangerous pills, dubious supplements and ... plastic surgery. However, the recipe of feminine beauty and attractiveness, together with the well-being was created many centuries ago. It has long been known that the Arab dances have strong energy.
Experts supposed to belly dancing enhance your health and prolong youth, Belly Ballet me a woman, both outwardly and internally, because during the dance, you experience the unique pleasure of movement, the joy of life, love to the world, you learn to live a happy present.

Today we know more than 50 types of belly dance.
There are eight elementary schools: Turkish, Egyptian, Pakistani, Botswana, Thai, Bhutan, Aden, Jordan, as well as many small schools most prevalent in the world to the Egyptian and Turkish belly dancing school.

The alternation of elements of Arabic dance: plastics, shock makes it more flexible and agile muscles and ligaments. The skin becomes elastic and beautiful, free from cellulite. With belly dancing, you can lose weight without dieting (calculated that with the help of belly dancing can burn up to 300 calories per hour, depending on the intensity particular training), or, conversely, improve, harmonize their weight, if there is a certain imbalance. Elements of belly dancing promote redistribution of subcutaneous deposits, and the figure is changing the dance of life. This name deserves to belly dance, not only because of the synonymy of the words "belly" and "life." Results of a survey on health, which was held in spring 2002 among students of the Moscow school of belly dance, has shown that this type of motor practice:
belly dance classes
Considerably improves the condition of the spine after one-month study, even people who have suffered spinal injuries - significantly develops joint flexibility after 2-3 months, the results are noticeable in young girls and women between the ages - 6-12 months improves the state of the gynecological sphere, for example, gets rid of menstrual pain, because of which many women have to sit on the tablets - excellent support for women during pregnancy and recovers to shape after childbirth.

To date, the elements of belly dance - belly dancing - were included in many dance styles. And it is not surprising. After all, except that the belly dancing strengthens your health, it is still very beautiful and aesthetic. Not for nothing, in recent times, many women are attracted to him. Dance programs with elements of Arabic dance can be seen on stage, in nightclubs and discos. It can be argued that belly dance - is a full-fledged current dance style, allowing the modern woman to know yourself, become more confident both physically and emotionally.

It is no coincidence in popularity after the Latin rhythms that have won the hearts of millions of fans around the world, belly dancing is in second place, but many experts believe that soon the belly dance, oriental style conquered the whole world. In Europe, the most fashionable dance halls are increasingly heard Arabic music, and more and more people dance elements of the Arabic style, hitting her grace and beauty.

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