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One of the most ancient arts of China, "Tai Chi (taiji), translates as "the great limit. This is a battle, yet powerful healing system. Sometimes people say, "Taijiquan (taiji quan), which means "fist of the great limit" or the art of fighting without weapons.

Taijiquan is very popular nowadays. It published many books on Tai Chi, in inordinate detail describing the basic principles and sets of exercises. However, like any great art, tai chi master alone on the books or videos is useless. I need to practice Tai Chi in a group. And of course, this group should be an experienced mentor teacher.

During the class's students under the guidance of teachers perform so-called "form," or taolu - long sequences of smooth and sophisticated (for the uninitiated) movements. At the training, the same "form" and their fragments are repeated many times - days, weeks, months and years - until firm does not enter a natural organic body, do not become an integral part thereof, such as movement of legs and swinging arms while walking, or movements of the tongue when talking.

Many people who are not familiar with the Taiji form outwardly seem mysterious dance or gymnastics, that just is not true. In fact, these movements from one side are powerful techniques of martial art taijiquan, and with another - closely related to the natural processes of temperament and the land of the whole cosmos. In this latter sense, the person performing the shape, connects and complements the heavens and the earth, and in the harmony of himself gets firstborn equilibrium state of oneness with the cosmos.
tai chi health benefits
When this state is reached, but it can occur after several years of constant training, dealing with gains immense power and an iron health, invulnerability, tranquility and serenity of spirit. And this newfound health is deeply internal, not dependent on something external.

What is the cause of such amazing results?
The fact that all movements of Tai Chi are not, strictly speaking, "normal" physical movements. For them, there is an invisible inner energy component. During the exercises of Tai Chi is a subtle energy, or energy, "qi" (chi, qi) launches "our body, causing him to correct move while a form (of chi energy see below). Right - means the laws of nature, when in motion, the human body is the likeness of the cosmos. In Tai Chi all subject to this continuous movement of the equilibrium space of two basic opposing elements - yin and yang - is the foundation of all things. Yin - "cold," "soft," "dark," "inert," "passive"; Jan - "hot," "harsh," "light," "mobile," "active," etc. In Jan there is always Yin Yang is consistently, and they continually flow into one another, existing inextricably together.

In a healthy person a lot of chi energy, and the Yin and Yang are in balance. When energy little or equilibrium is disturbed, the person becomes ill not necessarily right away, sometimes gradually and slowly. Balance may be upset anywhere - on any part of the body, body, psyche, even in human social life. And when the disease has come, of course it can be treated with pills. And it goes pretty quickly, but the cause remains, and the person after a while can become sick again. If you regularly practice Tai Chi, the energy of qi, circulates in the body, gradually restores natural balance of Yin-Yang. In equilibrium, a person is healthy - it not only threatens the disease, but also an attack, because Tai Chi is an effective method of fighting!

But what is the energy of qi, which flows through our body? I felt it myself if it is not visible and there is clearly no? How to enlarge and learn how to manage it?

In Tai Chi, as previously stated, movements of the body manage energy, not muscles Chinese call this energy qi, or chi (qi). Chi's energy permeates all around, like the universal ether: it is at any inanimate body or a living being: stone, water, grass, trees, animals, people, planets, stars. Qi is in constant flux. It can be "cold" may - "warm" might be "wild" may - "calm," "dark" - "light," "Earth" - "heaven," etc. The words in quotation marks are not should be taken literally: rather it is some abstract category.

Qi - life energy. In a healthy strong man of many and it flows through the body freely. In weak or diseased human chi little, or its free flow is broken, and it is somewhere stagnates. This is a subtle energy in small amounts, it is not perceived by our senses directly. (For the skeptics note that the methods of Western science chi has been studied and even measured). Man is born with some initial (primordial) qi, but most people during her life is gradually lost due to urban life, often stressful, alcohol, household goods problems, etc. The "normal" person, usually a little chi.

To the "forms" Tai chi flow control the movement of the body must first accumulate a lot of chi. For the accumulation and development of qi, there are many different practices of qigong («qigong»). "Gong» («gong») means "work" that is, Qigong - is the work of nurturing and educating chi.

Every single qigong - a set sequence of exercises. In all exercises, in addition to external physical movements present an inside job, based on the concentration of attention and training. For example, if we focused on the top of the head, then this place has increased the number of chi. Chi energy is directly related to our thought. Actually, much thought is directed, there is going to Qi. If our attention moves smoothly over the part of the body in a certain direction - in the same direction and moving chi. If we look closely at another person, we give him a piece of his chi.

Qi exists objectively, but its development and are subject to the quality of our thoughts. By nature we have three major power centers, the original reservoir of qi, the data to us from birth - lower (Xia dantyan "), middle (chung dantyan) and upper (" shan dantyan). The lower reservoir - the main, a healthy person there should be more of qi. Cultivating Qi begins with the center. Taijiquan And most of all connected with this center.

Practices of qigong - a lot, and each complex is defined objectives. For example, "Tai Chi Chi Kung" move chi energy through the body and maintains the body after an energy that just need to execute and refinement of the "forms" of Tai Chi. This is a basic qigong classes for Tai Chi, without progress in Taijiquan is impossible. There is a Qigong for strengthening and flexibility of muscles and tendons - Qigong "Damo Ching Ching" ("Kung Bodhidharma). There are hard qigong or chi kung, "Iron Shirt" - Qigong to strengthen the body and the development of insensitivity to strong shocks, stabbing, cutting and temperature influences. There are "easy Qigong - Qigong reduce weight, having mastered that you can climb the steep wall, jump down from a great height is not broken, jump over obstacles up to the house, run on water, etc.

With the simultaneous development of Tai Chi, Kung Tai Chi forms together in, and preferably has a number of complexes of Qigong; Tai Chi class in progress is much faster. Health effect is felt after only six-month training. It increases the overall tone, reduces fatigue and need for sleep; muscles are strengthened (particularly legs), improves coordination and balances the body; the joints become much more mobile and flexible, straightens the spine, improves posture. After a long period of time, a person becomes calmer, balanced and confident. Then leave the disease of internal organs, often chronic and incurable. Older people involved in Tai Chi, are starting to look and feel much younger than his years. And this is a very small list of how Tai Chi can help people.

It is worth noting that for a better health effect of Tai Chi is to do precisely as a martial art. Otherwise, focusing only on the wellness aspect (yin) and forgetting about the battle (Jan), you upset the balance of Yin and Yang, the very foundation of Tai Chi.

Accordingly, you will never get the powerful healing power that can only give a comprehensive harmonious practice of Taijiquan. On the other hand, fascinated by foreign military side of art, you also at no time get any of this health nor real combat skills. In tai chi, everything is in balance and a smooth continuous motion.

Tai Chi - improving practice and powerful martial art whose purpose - not to destroy the enemy and avoid a fight. Pursuing Taijiquan and cultivating the energy of a chi, a person attracts better people, less gets into trouble, no longer hurt, finds peace and real happiness.

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