Humankind has long sought the impossible - to reverse time. Sooner or later there comes old age, and of course, we all want to look and feel cheerful, healthy as in his youth.

Change the course of time, hardly anyone succeeds, but significantly slows its devastating consequences can be. Without exaggeration, we can say that Qigong is one of the best methods of gaining eternal health and vitality, strength and unfading beauty. What is Qigong?

Different practices of qigong were born many years ago in ancient China. The word qigong is translated from kitaykogo roughly means "nurturing and education of energy" (from "chi" - energy and "gong" - the work force) the word "chi", or "chi» (qi) Chinese's call life energy that permeates everything, like the world's airwaves. Have it, any inanimate body or a living being: stone, water, grass, tree, animal, human, planet, star. Qi is in continuous motion. It can be "cold" may - "warm" might be "wild" may - "calm," "dark" - "light," "Earth" - "heaven," etc. The words in quotation marks are not should be taken literally: rather it is some abstract category. Each entity has its own qi. There Qi Sun, the Moon is chi, chi land, water, trees, forests, rivers, seas, day, night, human internal organ, etc. Qi - subtle energy in small amounts; it is not perceived by our senses directly. (For the skeptics note that the methods of Western science chi has been studied and even measured).

In a healthy strong man, chi energy a lot and it flows through the body freely. In weak or diseased human chi little, or its free flow is broken, and it is somewhere stagnated. Man is born with some initial (primordial) qi, but the most person during her life is gradually lost due to urban life, often stressful, alcohol, household goods problems, etc. The "normal" person, usually a little chi.

Pursuing qigong can accumulate a lot of chi, open channels through which it flows, restore energy balance, and after him, the spiritual and physical health. How to practice qigong, which represent classes look like exercise at a closer look?

Every single qigong - a set sequence of exercises. In all exercises, in addition to external physical movements present an inside job, based on the concentration of attention and training. For example, if we focused on the top of the head, then this place has increased the number of chi. Chi's energy is directly related to our thought. Actually, much thought is directed, there is going to Qi if our attention moves smoothly over the part of the body in a certain direction - in the same direction and moving chi. If we look closely at another person, we give him a piece of his chi.

Although the chi and exists objectively, its development and quality are subject to our thoughts. By nature, we have three major power centers, the original reservoir of qi, the data to us from birth - lower (Xia dantyan "), middle (chung dantyan) and upper (" shan dantyan). The lesser reservoir - the main, a healthy person there should be more of qi. Cultivating Qi begins with the center.
qigong exercises
Practices of qigong - a lot, and each complex is defined objectives. For example, the practice of "Tai Chi Kung" move chi energy through the body and maintains the body after the energy that is necessary for the implementation and testing of combat "forms" of Tai Chi. There is a Qigong for strengthening and flexibility of muscles and tendons - Qigong "Damo Ching" ("Kung Bodhidharma) . There is hard Qigong, or Qigong Iron Shirt - Qigong to strengthen the body and the development of insensitivity to strong shocks, stabbing, cutting and temperature influences. There are "easy Qigong - Qigong reduced weight, having mastered that you can climb the steep wall, jump down from a great height is not broken, jump over obstacles up to the house, run on water, etc.''" Hard "" slight "and''" Tai Chi "Qigong - direct combat, they are usually taught in military schools. There is still a "show-Qigong - Qigong weight loss (more accurately - restore weight) and purification of the body, opening the energy channels. There is a "Chi Kung - Qigong replacement of physical food to energy, when a person becomes able to do for a long time without eating. oigong for the eyes - for better view and a lot of variety.

Each qigong aims to develop certain qualities. However, since man is a single seamless system, resulting in the accumulation of the large amount of qi, improving its quality and channel opening, may (sometimes unexpectedly) reveal a variety of other qualities and abilities (positive performance).

Engage in qigong best schools of qigong, a group involved. Although on Qigong published many books detailing the basic principles and many sets of exercises, training alone outside of any school will do little good, and in some cases can and do harm. Like any other great art to learn qigong should be step by step under the guidance of an experienced mentor teacher
basis for efficient and rapid acquisition techniques of qigong - the regularity of the session's breaks in the classroom dramatically slow progress. It is like a path between the tall grass: if it no longer a walk, she very quickly overgrown and need to re-tread. Because each exercise focuses in some way, at first very difficult, it is to distract from extraneous thoughts, turn off the internal dialogue with himself and thought only to direct where you want to exercise. If it fails once, should not be upset - if regular workouts gradually disciplined thought and soon fewer and fewer jumps from one to another. Over time, you can clearly feel the flow of qi. Every person has feelings of chi solo, and here it is not necessary for someone to navigate. It may be warm on some part of the body, pleasant tingling, relaxation; pleasure fills the body, etc. Someone almost immediately begins to feel the chi, one year later or two years of study.

Concrete results, of course, directly depend on those of qigong, which you have chosen. However, in any case, the regular practice complexes already half a year later began a powerful healing effect of qigong. It increases the overall tone, reduces fatigue and need for sleep, strengthens muscles, improves coordination and balances the body; the joints become much more mobile and flexible, straightens the spine, improves posture. After a long period of time, a person becomes calmer, balanced and confident. Increased intelligence and the ability to focus the mind on the most important after each exercise qigong - a concentration of thought about anything but the ground and dropping all the excess. Engaged in Qigong, as a rule, more effective and faster to achieve your goals, because the ability to focus on the essentials. Disabled incessant inner dialogue, burns huge mass of energy for ordinary people. Over a longer time increases the immune system, leaving the disease of internal organs, often chronic and incurable. Older people involved in qigong begin to look and feel much younger than his years. And this is a very small list of how the art of qigong can help a person.

Qigong - is always the practice. If you read much about qigong and many know of him, you know how it works, but you do not sell themselves - the effect is zero. Alternatively, you can almost know nothing of the "theory" and is limited to guidance teachers - and believe me; the result will not take long. The result will be huge. The value of any of qigong is that over time acquired the quality and the ability to become a part of yourself and do not get lost for a very prolonged time, even if a long break in employment (this is true, the high level of skill). If we talk about health, gained from training, it's health - is your natural state. It is incomparably larger and stronger health and receipt of medicines, food additives and jogging.

Qigong practice is to maintain health and youth to millions of Chinese for centuries. Now let Qigong to maintain health and youthful you!

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