Second trimester - The woman was five months pregnant

The fifth month

The evils of the first quarter gave way to those of the second! In the fifth month of pregnancy, your legs may begin to be painful, especially the heavy evening and mostly in summer.

To remedy this, put your feet on your bed, do not cross your legs when you're sitting, avoid sun exposure ...

If your legs are too varicose, your doctor may prescribe the wearing of compression stockings (available models are lighter and beauty they once were) to relieve and reduce varicose veins.

Many women also suffer from constipation. In fact, your digestive tract and idling: customize your diet emphasizing vegetables to facilitate digestion.

You also start to run out of breath, you were breathless at the slightest effort ...

Your stomach swells slowly and it may even be pushed toward your belly button out!

Besides these minor inconvenience's passengers, you're probably going to be a great feeling: your baby is moving and you feel his movements in you! Movements which can sometimes be very alive in the uterine wall ... in a few weeks you will see the bumps, and waves animate your belly! Not to mention the baby hiccups, which is frequent and often that you see too!

Make Dad enjoy these magic moments of communion with your child by asking him to put his hand on your belly and wait a bit: baby will make him a sign!

Each month, your doctor will prescribe blood tests if you are not immunized against rubella and toxoplasmosis.

As for baby's development continues quietly.
His nails are now trained and regularly sucks his thumb.
Her hair is even beginning to push (for those who have!) And his eyebrows and eyelashes.
It measures 26 cm on average 500 grams.

It's almost time for the second ultrasound, which allows you, if you want to know the sex of your child.

It is as well the time to begin the sessions for childbirth preparation you are entitled to (total eight sessions fully supported by the health insurance fund). These sessions are highly recommended especially for a first baby; they also allow you to meet other pregnant women and to share your feelings, your joys and concerns.

You can go to maternity that you have chosen to give birth and where a preparation is probably given. So you can learn about and visit delivery rooms, the nursery ... Preparations are also offered by midwife's liberal. Different forms of preparation are possible: conventional pool, the yoga ...

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