Second trimester - Sixth month of pregnancy

End of second quarter

The sixth month of pregnancy is marked primarily by a significant appointment: the second ultrasound mandatory.

This ultrasound is to be passed around the 22nd week of gestation. It will study the morphology of each organ of the fetus and to ensure the absence of defects within the heart and circulatory system, kidneys, urinary tract, nervous system, each member of the spine, the baby's face ... The length of his bones is also controlled.

Each party shall then be examined in detail by the ultrasound system to detect any abnormalities.

It was also during this ultrasound we could know, if you want, the sex of your child ... unless baby cache ... Sometimes, though rarely, difficult to define with certainty the sex of the child Because of its position during the examination.

As for your baby, in the sixth month of pregnancy, it blithely bathing in amniotic fluid, which renews itself completely every three hours.

Baby swallows this fluid and dismissed by the skin and urinating (you may even see your eyes during the ultrasound!).

Her skin is thicker now with a beginning accumulation of fat. Skin which, though wrinkled, is covered with a white paste called the vernix to protect it.

He finally opened his eyes.
The fetus still has plenty of space in the womb, and he does not hesitate: he makes you share his escapades giving you sharp kicks and punches in the lower abdomen or in the ribs.

New for him: he sees outside noise and especially your voice.
Baby weighs an average of 900 grams and measuring 31 cm.
Baby weighs more, and your back can suffer and your balance is disturbed by the baby weight, and you tend to arch your back to restore. Wear comfortable shoes and spare you.

If your back is too painful, talk to your doctor who may prescribe any visits to a physiotherapist.

Insomnia can also be installed, and your stomach starts to bother you to sleep beside the baby's movements may wake you up at night!

It is advisable to sleep on your side, and you turn on the left side so that the inferior vena cava by which blood is drained from the bottom half of the body to the right heart is not compressed by the uterus.

This compression can lead to unexpected voltage drop to cause sudden discomfort.
Furthermore, watch your weight gain by reminding you that excess weight gained during pregnancy is often difficult to lose after childbirth ... you could regret your excessive greed!

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