Second trimester - Fourth month of pregnancy

The beginning of 2nd quarter

In this early in the second trimester of pregnancy, all the little problems in good time in principle have disappeared: the finite nausea that you poisoned your life! Fears and apprehension and childbirth are still far ...

The second quarter is one of serenity: Get ready to enjoy your pregnancy.
It's also time to take care of you moisturize your skin by massaging daily with a moisturizer (or lack of sweet almond oil) to prevent or limit the formation of stretch marks, including on your belly and your breasts. All skins are not equal faced with stretch marks: some are more resilient than others ... but it is better to take the greatest care.

Your body continues to change from week to week. Your uterus is now the size of a grapefruit beautiful, so no wonder you are not coming in your pants even wider!

Repeat part of your wardrobe, plus you'll still gain weight ... enjoy special maternity clothing collections, which are more and more pregnant women in value and whose prices are relatively affordable.

Routine visits to your gynecologist settled in due consultation per month. Your doctor or midwife, control your blood, you weigh, measure the development of your uterus.

It was during the 4th month of pregnancy (between 14th and 17th week of gestation) that your doctor will advise you of the possibility of a serum marker to detect a viable trisomy 21.
This risk screening of trisomy 21 is by a blood test that will determine the quantity of a hormone (HCG) in the blood of pregnant women.

An abnormally high level of this hormone may reflect a risk of trisomy 21 (however, normal levels may be associated with zero risks).

Following the results of the blood, and they reflect a risk of trisomy 21, amniocentesis may be offered to you for a definitive diagnosis.

Your doctor listens to you: if you have any doubts, anxieties, questions (even if they seem absurd) please!

Remember that you must not in any way to practice self-medication (if you have a cold or other minor problem). Consult your doctor, who will prescribe you a treatment adapted to your pregnancy status. If appropriate, ask your pharmacist by specifying your stage of pregnancy.

For some lucky women, the fourth month is marked by a large event, a new encounter with baby: you feel you move stealthily in the first. Small discreet gurgle, bubble prints, especially when you are lying down, quiet.

For other women, it will wait a bit ...
Libido side, the little belly that points should not scare your partner, sex is quite possible during pregnancy (unless medically indicated-cons from your gynecologist), they are very friendly and good balance of torque well-being of the mother.

Some women even feel an increased desire while they are pregnant they feel well, are beautiful with their curves emerging and want to share them with the man they love ...

And do not worry, baby, ensconced in the womb, no risk!

What about the baby's growth in the fourth month?
At the end of the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus is 18 cm and weighs 200 g.
Almost all organs are formed, but they have yet to develop. Her bone structure is well designed. A light down covering his body (lanugo, write down that disappear after birth). Though his small eyes are closed, the pupil begins to perceive light. Baby awakens the senses ... with her little hands and feet, it can affect the uterine wall, his body ...

Administrative side, if not already done so, you must submit your declaration of pregnancy to your health insurance and family allowances fund to be managed throughout your pregnancy.

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