Pregnancy in the third quarter

Preparation for childbirth.

Entering the third-quarter mark the final stretch: three months between the future parents of baby's arrival and the stress begins to surface!

Fears and anxieties of childbirth often arise for mothers; it's time to ask any questions during the sessions of childbirth preparation.

Furthermore, during this period that the pregnant woman feels more vulnerable, physically baby's weight begin to be felt, it frequently suffers from back pain, heartburn, cramps, insomnia s 'install ...

Nevertheless, pregnant women suffering from all these inconveniences, often overflowing energy and began frantically in the redevelopment of the baby's room, like to chase his fears ...

The rest must, however, be put in this last trimester. The mother must indeed prepare for the arrival of baby and be at his best to welcome him.

Baby meanwhile continued its merry way; it develops and takes his ease in the maternal womb: it weighs about 1.7 kg at the end of the 7th month and will double its weight by the end of the 8th month!

The development of the nervous system is running, follow the lungs.
Little by little, baby positions itself for output. He has already; in most cases, the head turned downward.

The 8th month is marked by a visit to the anesthesiologist, with the usual antenatal month with a gynecologist or midwife.

Shop for the preparation of baby outfit and the bag of the mother to refine the ideas for invitations fuse; the final choice of the name is ... baby's arrival is imminent!

Month after month, you will find in our section all information and advice on the phases of the evolution of your pregnancy to live in this last quarter and better accommodate your baby.

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