Pregnancy: second quarter, the evolution of the fetus

The metamorphosis of the body.

The second quarter is often the most serene for the mother and her entourage.
Answers to questions in the first quarter were given; the anguish of a risk of miscarriage increased the evils of early pregnancy such as nausea were generally missing; the pace of visits to the gynecologist or midwife is made ... almost a routine that moves!

It is also often in the second quarter who pregnancy begins to show ... that the first admiring glances coming to rest on the rounded belly, a period generally well lived by the pregnant woman who feels beautiful and fulfilling.

The beginning of the second quarter was also marked by an especially unforgettable event for a mother who will feel the movements of her child in her! The excitement of a new encounter with baby, a link will then be formed between mother, and unborn child relationship may soon be shared with the father when the movements are more pronounced.
The second-trimester ultrasound is important apart from the medical side; it also generally knew, for those who wish, the sex of the child.

This announcement marks the beginning of the projection of parents in the future with their little boy or girl ... ideas for the redevelopment of the nursery are beginning to point.

The mother is in great shape and starts tracking or purchase of small outfits, infant equipment in stores!

Month after month, you will find in our section all phases of the evolution of your pregnancy, information and tips to live better in the second quarter.

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