Pregnancy Test

The pregnancy test has something magical for all couples seeking a maternity and every month waiting for the verdict ...

It is through a pregnancy test early pregnancy can be detected from his home, without consultation and in a few minutes.

How does a pregnancy test?

The pregnancy test, regardless of the brand and the method used to detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone in urine of pregnant women.

This hormone responds to the name of chorionic gonadotropin hormone, English Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG simply called or beta-HCG) is produced by the placenta (it is totally absent in women who are not pregnant ).

The hCG varies depending on the progress of pregnancy. It increases gradually until the third month of pregnancy to stagnate and then decline.

The presence of HCG can be detected in urine through the pregnancy test, or through laboratory analysis of urine or blood by a blood test.

Using the pregnancy test
Pregnancy tests are very simple to use.
Most tests currently on the market can detect pregnancy from the first day of the missed period.
The test is usually in the form of a small rod on which are arranged strips or card (according to manufacturers' models).

The manual is very simple: Just place the strip in the urine stream at the time indicated on the record (few seconds).

It is advisable to take the pregnancy test in the morning because the urine is more concentrated and ensure a more reliable result.

After waiting a few minutes, the test appears and tells you if you are pregnant or not.
The display differs from one manufacturer to another and depending on the model. Usually a cross or a colored dot indicates that the test is positive.

Pregnancy tests recently available on the market can directly read the result on a small screen ("pregnant" or "not pregnant"). Their price is higher yet they avoid any possible confusion.

Early Result Pregnancy Test
Early pregnancy tests offered by some brands will know whether or not you are pregnant about 3 or four days before the expected date of the rules.
The use, reliability of these tests is called early identical to that of other conventional tests.
Only the sensitivity to hormone changes of pregnancy and makes them more responsive to the slightest presence of HCG hormone in your urine.

The reliability of pregnancy tests
Manufacturers guarantee an efficiency rate of 99% when the test is performed following the instructions provided with the test.

Indeed, studies show the high-sensitivity pregnancy tests and ensure a standard rate of 90% efficiency the first day of missed period and then move to 99% within days.

Insofar as the presence of the hormone HCG in urine is a sign of pregnancy, say that a positive outcome to a pregnancy test (which detects the presence) is always reliable.

Doubt can exist if the negative test result requires a new trial a few days later (when the hormone level of pregnancy is higher) or a blood test.

If in doubt, consult your doctor who will prescribe a blood test.

Where to get a pregnancy test and at what price?
The pregnancy tests are sold in pharmacies.
The price range is wide. As a guide, it varies between 10 and 30 euros depending on the manufacturers.

Conditioning by two is, however, generally cheaper, and you can repeat the test.
More competitive pricing, however, are available on the Internet where you can order your pregnancy test.

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