Cravings during pregnancy

I want strawberry pregnant women.

What's in strawberry cravings during pregnancy?

coffee, strawberries, wine ..: If the desire for food is not heightened, the desire of the mother is printed on the skin of an unborn child simple folk legend or reality? Learn all about the desires of women during pregnancy.

Popular tradition continued to spread the risk, although nothing is scientifically unfounded. The vagaries of the palace provide no damage to the skin of the unborn, and the skin patches are only minor benign abnormalities that present no risk.

The dark spots, also called coffee stains are due to greater concentration of melanin, while the red spots (called strawberry or wine) are related to small abnormalities of minute vessels that lie under the skin.

The cravings are not a fantasy
However, it is true that during pregnancy, women have special desires, unusual combinations of foods or substances.

Thus, some women find themselves with the desires of pickles or grapefruit or other, so they do not like them before.

It is also very common that some women suddenly no longer tolerate food or drinks they liked, however, particularly before pregnancy. Disgust that usually disappeared once the baby is born.
Cravings or intolerance to certain foods can be determined by the hormonal changes of pregnancy which, somehow, have an influence on the taste receptors.

Studies have shown that these desires or, more generally, the impulses of hunger that occur during the day in pregnant women, dependent simply because the mother is a greedy person, while others believe the uncontrollable impulse to eat a diet rich in sugar or conversely, very salty, actually corresponds to the need to overcome a food shortage.

Give in to cravings but in moderation
As the absorption of food, cakes, chocolates, drinks ... remains in reasonable limits, it cannot hurt a pregnant woman but when consumption becomes an excessive weight gain can be found with an impact on the success of pregnancy.

So if a woman began her pregnancy with overweight or during her pregnancy, she takes too much weight, it'll be well advised to monitor its evolution.

Choose then eat raw vegetables or dried fruit, low calorie food and pleasing to the palate.
If instead the mother does not have weight problems and if its specific weight is regular, satisfy a craving is to fund a reward, a way to take care of yourself, agree culinary delights.
The "whims" that will be even more significant if the future father does everything it can to not to derogate elevates the tradition!

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