Pregnancy and hunting misconceptions

Pregnancy and hunting misconceptions:

The pregnancy test is positive? Congratulations, you start your pregnancy! Nine months will be punctuated by comments and advice from caring people around you ... your mother your grandmother through your aunt or your cousin not to mention the friends, neighbors, coworkers ... each goes to it's quick note to comment your pregnancy to give you advice that is not always a good sign!

Indeed, for decades, the physical changes and small disturbances associated with pregnancy are the subject of often fanciful interpretation that they find no scientific or medical justification.
Every pregnancy is a unique and different from each other.
Update on ideas and beliefs about pregnancy

Pregnant, you must eat for two:
A pregnant woman who eats more, does not mean more feed her unborn child!
If she eats more than is necessary, the pregnant woman will gain weight, pounds it will be hard to lose after delivery.

It is therefore, important for pregnant women to adopt a balanced diet for its own needs and those of her unborn child, on the one hand, but also better prepare the body to cope with childbirth and breastfeeding.

However, no need to eat two times more than usual!

The mother often suffers from heartburn ... This would mean according to some (or some) that the child's hairs are pushing in utero.

However, in reality, the child's hair there is absolutely nothing to do with the occurrence of heartburn in the mother.

Digestive disorders are indeed mainly related to the presence of hormones that make your stomach muscles more relaxed during pregnancy, and increased the size of the uterus that pushes the body upward tract and compress.

Even the mothers giving birth to children completely devoid of hair can suffer from stomach cramps and heartburn!

Round belly and belly Point:
The shape of the belly of a pregnant woman would identify the sex of her unborn child: a belly slightly sharp and hide a boy while a belly rather rounded and broad hiding a girl ...

Again this is only a myth!
The shape of the belly of the mother had absolutely nothing to do with the sex of the newborn.
The size and shape of the belly can mainly depend on the physique and the position of the child. Factor: the shape is different for a first pregnancy or not.

It is indeed unusual for a woman during her first pregnancy had a belly advanced, small and compact because the abdominal muscles were not biased by previous pregnancies. Thus, during a second pregnancy (and subsequent), the muscles of the uterus and abdomen are further relaxed, increased belly size will be less restrained, and shape will be more pronounced on sides.

Pregnancy, a tooth:
Every pregnancy can be associated with loss of a tooth! The pregnancy is not, in fact, synonymous with weakening of the teeth or drop them.

Healthy teeth and gums are certainly altered during pregnancy and requires regular monitoring; the gums may bleed, swell and be painful because of greater blood flow.
A careful and daily hygiene is therefore, more necessary than ever.

Cravings and angiomas:
It does not satisfy a craving could cause a stain on the skin of the infant. In fact, any type of congenital spot on baby's skin is vascular in nature.

Angiomas of the color of strawberry, for example, are formed by the accumulation of blood vessels under the skin and have nothing to do with the fact that the woman was pregnant or not satisfy his cravings for strawberries during the nine months her pregnancy!
The dark patches are called coffee in hand due to a greater concentration of melanin.

Sex during pregnancy:
If the pregnancy was uneventful, there is no reason to renounce the intimacy and relationship with the partner. The sexual act does not, in fact, represent a risk to the child whom the mother carries her; it is well protected by the placenta and amniotic fluid.
If in doubt, ask your gynecologist or midwife who follows you.

Beer and milk:
Beer allowed the mother to produce more milk.
Maternal milk production is the result of a neuro-hormonal and not the quantity of beer that the young mother can absorb!

Just as during pregnancy, it is absolutely imperative even for the mom who is breastfeeding her child not to drink alcohol.

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