Evolution of pregnancy

Pregnancy until birth.

The pregnancy test said yes? The blood test and consultation with your gynecologist confirmed? You're pregnant ...

After the excitement of announcing the arrival of this happy event, the laughter and congratulations of rigor, come the questions, doubts, questions about the nine months, nine months required for the formation of your baby, but also you prepare to become parents!

Nine months of pregnancy during which your body will gradually change, your forms and your stomach rounder.

A physical change which is often accompanied by small problems, small alterations in your physical balance and your health source of worry and questions which we attempt to answer in this topic.

We propose to accompany you throughout your pregnancy so you can prepare yourself to welcome your child in the best conditions.

Bugs of the first quarter, such as nausea, fatigue, digestive problems ... through gradual weight gain throughout the nine months, the clothing of the pregnant woman, anxiety ... until birth, the baby is born; the themes discussed here apply to you.

Because a pregnant woman is the prey of a thousand and one questions, because it has more than ever need to be reassured and informed on the progress of her pregnancy, browse through our site and enjoy your pregnancy in peace.

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