Holidays by the sea and pregnancy

On holiday in the sun and sea are a perfect opportunity for a pregnant woman to relax and take care of yourself.

Let's explore the benefits of a stay by the sea for a pregnant woman.

The holiday can become a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind while awaiting the arrival of baby a summer season that can also be very stressful for mothers, especially during the last weeks of pregnancy.

The belly scales, their legs are swollen and feel tired more quickly in the evening ... factors aggravated by excessive heat.

One objective of the mother is to build a holiday by the sea to relax and recharge your energy before the big event.

The sea, the beaches are ideal sources for natural regeneration, enjoy all the benefits of swimming, walks on the beach and sun.

See the benefits of holidays for pregnant women.

The sun
The sun and relaxation are the main attractions of a stay by the sea.
Their benefits are undeniable: the sun has an obvious influence on the mood providing both physical and psychic energy with the stimulation of production of vitamin D essential for bone strength.

Caution, however, a number of precautions are necessary for anyone and especially during pregnancy.

The hours of presence on the beach must be met: better and go to the beach early in the morning or later in the evening and avoid the hottest hours (between 11:00 and 15:00), hours during which the sun's UVB rays are the most virulent.

The skin of the mother should be the subject of much attention. Maximum protection and appropriate to the skin should be used the ideal for a pregnant woman being the sunscreen that still allows to take a tan safely.

The face must be carefully protected to prevent the risk of formation of brown spots (chloasma) which appear especially on the forehead and chin. Dehydration of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles is also prevented by the application of protective creams.

The application of sunscreens should be renewed every two hours up to, and after each swam. Perspiration, water and friction of the sand and take off the towel because protection.

You should know that even under a sunshade, sun protection is imperative: the sand reflects the sun's rays which also pass through the umbrella cover.

Nothing is more beneficial for expectant mothers who sea swimming baths can perform a complete and gentle gymnastic involving all muscles.

In addition, the body submerged in water is lighter by the mother to forget the weight of its opulent belly.

The Jacuzzi natural wave is relaxing, enjoyable and lets the whole tone of the muscles.

Swimming is obviously the sport's most recommended for pregnant women, particularly for its benefits in the back.

To promote muscle tone and oxygenation of tissues and for minimizing the swelling of the legs and improve circulation, a walk on the beach is highly recommended for expectant mothers.

To enjoy all the benefits of water, it is advisable to walk your feet in the water (with water up to their knees).

The amount of iodine in the water, especially during morning hours, helps activate the metabolism and burn fat and proteinan opportunity, therefore, to keep the line and easier to oxygenate the placenta and the unborn baby.

In the evening, a walk on the walks generally available on the beach will allow the mother to get a good night.

The bike can also be practiced by pregnant women on relief food ideal at night or early morning.

Plan a practice held in natural fiber such as cotton or flax for extra comfort.
Do not wear clothing too tight around the stomach, in particular, to ensure proper blood flow.

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