The benefits of nine months of pregnancy

Pregnancy, although its share of troubles, is also a wonderful period of growth both physical and moral woman. Let's explore the benefits of pregnancy.

Because pregnancy is not because of inconvenience, many pregnant women are so very bloom and in great shape.

Having a child is an important decision, a source of immense joy but also a makeover for the mother.

The nine months of pregnancy may, in fact, be related to renewed health to the body of the mother.

One of the most common hormonal dysfunctions and affects approximately 30% of women is the polycystic ovary syndrome characterized by ovarian cysts that cause an irregular cycle even without ovulation.

Polycystic can also be accompanied by acne and excessive hair.

Pregnancy can then be partially or completely regress from symptoms with resting ovaries and block the irregular production of hormones.

The nature of the skin varies frequently during pregnancy, and a woman with oily skin and acne can end up with normal skin and bright.

Mutations that result in pregnancy are not only found on the body but also the psychological balance.

And motherhood can bring to the mother more confident in it, greater self-awareness.
In addition, the phase of preparation for birth allows many women to find relaxation techniques and breathing to help control anxiety and fear of childbirth and allow the woman to relax until the coming of the child.

Yoga, relaxation therapy or other techniques are well placed to serve a pregnant woman who once the child born may indulge them with equanimity.

A true enrichment for the woman and her future mother.
Pregnancy is also a change of forms, which become more attractive an idyllic period for women who dream of a breast advantageous and more feminine! The increase in breast size effect throughout the nine months of pregnancy is often one of the first visible body modifications.

Responsible for this miracle: the increase of adipose tissue.
A state that will continue also during breastfeeding.
It is often said that a pregnant woman is beautiful and rightly so. A state that is scientifically justified insofar as the heart of the mother pump more blood thereby increasing its circulation and irrigation of its blood vessels.

His face displays a fresh concrete with well defined cheekbones. The skin is soft and supple.
The hair is usually also the most brilliant and bright again thanks to the intervention of pregnancy hormones.

Moreover, the mother throughout her pregnancy is more attentive to their health, appearance and taking the time to care for her (and her future child). Longer available, she agrees moments of relaxation, care ... she had no opportunity to agree or idea before.

The pregnant woman often has a more reasonable lifestyle, hours of sleep an additional, more balanced life and all that is reflected in its general appearance and adds to his state of well-being.

A desired pregnancy without trouble or concern individuals, accompanied by joy and good humor that undoubtedly reflected the attitude of pregnant women.

Proud of her belly swelling, boosted by hormones and by all the attention that his entourage may allow, the mother breathes the joy of living (though periods of anxiety, tiredness punctuate his life ...).

Good about yourself, the sexuality of pregnant women may also awaken new sensations with the partner who more attentive and sensitive may participate in this emancipation.
Nine months to wait to see baby and mom ... what is more beautiful!

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