Garnet protects against breast cancer

Anti-aromatase grenades reduce the risk of breast cancer, according to research Division of Tumor Cell Biology at Beckman Research Institute and the American Association for Cancer Research, USA. The components that make up the grenade, inhibit the production of the hormone estrogen, thereby preventing reproduction of cancer cells in breast and blocking the formation of tumors, researchers have identified. Fruit has a high polyphenol and antioxidant that also have a positive effect on the tumor. In addition, ellagic acid in pomegranate inhibits the action of aromatase - an enzyme that converts an androgen into estrogen. Aromatase plays a key role in breast carcinogenesis. Thus, the pomegranate represents a huge potential for protection against dangerous diseases, are confident oncologists.

Doctors decided to evaluate the possibilities grenade in the suppression of aromatase, studied 10 ellagitannin-containing components in its composition. It was proven that these natural compounds can successfully prevent the formation of malignant tumors in the breast. In particular, in urolitin produced metabolites of ellagic acid and related compounds, significantly inhibits the growth of cancer cells. However, doctors say that ellagitanniny not well absorbed into the blood, so in the future to find a way to use pomegranate juice or fruit, a separate connection for health and cancer prevention.

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