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In ancient Greece and Rome, the beauty of women was considered incomplete if it did not possess the art of graceful gait. To teach the girls to move gracefully and relaxed, as well as to control the body free - this objective and set ourselves the creators of artistic gymnastics.

Rhythmic gymnastics as a sport for women was formed over many years. Significant contribution to the scientific basis of physical education of girls made a French physiologist and educator George Demeny. He proved the feasibility of dynamic exercises, stretching exercises and muscle relaxation, dance steps, exercises with objects (clubs, sticks, wreaths, etc.) to facilitate the acquisition of flexibility, agility, good posture, ability to move smoothly and gracefully.

Much of the credit for developing the theory of expressive motor skill belongs to another, a French teacher - Francois Delsarte. While studying acting, he came to the conclusion that every human experience is accompanied by certain movements of the body, and therefore, by reproducing the movements, you can create in the viewer the impression of experiences.

Established Delsarte "Grammar of the artistic gesture" has been applied in physical education, especially in preparation of mass gymnastic performances, performed with musical accompaniment. Ideas and principles developed by Delsarte, embodied in the art of the famous dancer Isadora Duncan. Her dance, improvisation, built on the free movements of plastics, in many respects resemble modern rhythmic gymnastics along with gymnastic's expressive movements in the late 19 early 20. Widespread receives rhythmic gymnastics, one of the founders that was a professor of the Geneva Conservatory Jacques Dalcroze. He has developed three sets of exercises: rhythmic movement, ear training exercises and improvised actions that were brought up in dealing with musicality and ear. Initially, rhythmic gymnastics was a means of educating musicians and artists who later became used in physical education.
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Sport - gymnastic's performance to the music of various dance and gymnastic exercises without apparatus, as well as with the subject: ball, clubs, rope, hoop, ribbon.

Performances without the subject in recent years are not conducted on a world-class competition. In a group, presentations used one species (five goals, five pairs of clubs), or a combination of two types of objects (e.g. - hoops and balls). Winners are determined in all-round, group and individual types of exercises. By a system, performances have been evaluated with recently one of the most elegant and spectacular sports. In 1940 the Soviet Union as a sport gymnastic originated and developed Olympic sport - in 1984. Exclusively female sport until recently, however, thanks to the efforts of Japanese gymnasts from the end of XX century - began to hold competitions between men.

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