Effect of race on the human body

If you do not want to run, while healthy, will run when ill.

In order to full describe the positive effect of jogging on the person, require more than one book. Running can be used to achieve very different goals - the spiritual self-improvement to weight loss. Everyone if you want to find the answer to your question using the race. However, there are a few basic processes that are stimulated during the run - it is necessary to know both beginner and experienced athlete.

1. During and after running activates the process of hematopoiesis - formed "a young, healthy blood.

2. Activated respiration, stimulated absorption by the body of free electrons from the air. This process occurs in the lungs due to activation of gas exchange and through the skin. Increasing the number of free electrons increases the efficiency of (physical and mental) and stimulates all the functions and human systems.

3. While running is activated to develop the body of carbon dioxide, which is a very beneficial effect on all biochemical processes in cells. In particular, in the tissues increases the amount of oxygen that activates the body's metabolism.
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4. While running the average duration (30-60 minutes) in the body activated by the decay of cells, which, in turn, after running exercise stimulates the synthesis of new, young and healthy cells. The first break down the old diseased cells, and in their place new synthesized with the race going on rejuvenation and upgrade of the whole organism.

5. An adult human is about 35 liters of fluid (five liters of blood, lymph two liters and 28 liters of intracellular fluid) with sedentary lifestyles all this stagnant fluid, like water in a swamp. While running the liquid begins to be active circulate, eliminating dead zones in the body.

6. Supply cells with oxygen and nutrients takes place under the scheme. The first step is the substance by diffusion through the capillary walls are moved from blood to be interstitial fluid. The second stage is to transport oxygen and nutrients from the interstitial fluid through the membrane into the cell at the third stage, the distribution of nutrients and oxygen inside the cell. In the same way, but in reverse order, is output from the cell's waste products. During and after running all these processes occur with great speed, which increases the body's life force and activates the self-improvement. Cells of the body disposed of during the run of the products of our own life, which excludes the option self-poisoning.

7. Every moment in the human body died off millions
cells. To dispose of it all yourself, you need the Moderate load average. It is best suited for this slow pace. Otherwise, the dead cells of the body begin to decompose with the formation of toxins, which are carried by the bloodstream throughout the body, causing poisoning, for example, such a condition as chronic fatigue.

8. While running activates the pituitary gland, which produces special hormones - endorphins. Endorphins cause a natural feeling of happiness, bliss, providing an analgesic effect. This action occurs in about 1 more hours after the race.

The organism will be healthy only when active movement throughout the fluid (blood, lymph, intracellular fluid) inside the body. Run and maintain the proper level of fluid circulation in organs and tissues easily and most effectively through regular jogging.

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