The art of classical dance is almost always associated with everyday work. Many of the autobiographies of famous ballerinas describe in detail the difficulties they faced in achieving the goal of becoming the best in the world.

Already in the early childhood of future dancers want unbridled performance and iron self-discipline. However, the reality is not always so bleak as it seems! Especially because now not only children but adults can learn the wisdom of the choreography and do not regret the missed opportunities!

The word "choreography" is derived from the merger of two Greek roots: "choir" - a dance movement and graph write. Classical choreography is closely linked with the genre of ballet, was thoroughly studied ballet pas, which built the dance. Lesson choreography consists of several "blocks." Above all, this stretch - the so-called "warm," which prepares the muscles for further work then, learning and training of elementary parameters of the machine. Once the body is sufficiently prepared, followed by exercises in the middle and jumps. The next step on the path to mastery is to dance on point special hard dance shoes.
choreography tips
Study of choreography is very important and useful not only for those who aspire to heights of ballet. They are indispensable as a preparation for those who want to learn any of the numerous styles of dance. Choreography helps to combat muscular pains, back problems, correcting the defect structure of the foot posture. A person who is engaged in choreography, always favorably in the crowd "simple inhabitants" harmony, smart, elegant and graceful in his movements.

Catching up on the choreography, you strive for health and beauty! And if you look good and feel great, then you have a better mood! And who will refuse to be happy?

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