First trimester - Second month of pregnancy

Prime disorders in pregnant women

This second month of pregnancy is marked by the first changes to your body: the breasts, in particular, have taken the volume, they are sensitive and sometimes painful.
Usually the stomach does not yet round even if the uterus has begun to increase in volume.

A uterus that has also compressed your bladder with consequent desires for you to urinate very frequently ...

The nausea and vomiting continue or start for many pregnant women, especially out of bed if these small inconveniences of early pregnancy become too bothersome, talk to your doctor.
The digestive system also has difficulty functioning; while idling causing heartburn, bloating, constipation ...

Your hormonal balance of pregnancy your body changes and is dedicated to the healthy development of baby.

Therefore, the first major signs of fatigue, sleep needs especially after meals, concentration problems ... occur. You who've never napped from your childhood, you'll find yourself falling asleep on the couch!

If you can, ask your friends to assist you in your household chores, shopping ... and take the opportunity to relax a little.

Pregnancy, even desired, causes great psychological upheaval that may be causing your mood and your irritability.

To this hypersensitivity is accompanied with an alternation of extreme happiness and sadness, you cry in front of a TV soap opera; you're moved to tears before a baby suckles the breast of his mother ...

This condition is perfectly normal, do not worry!
Side baby, development continues, and his face begins to form; his ears are drawn; arms and legs become more pronounced; his spine is formed gradually, and circulation is set up. The second month also marks the beginning of the development of the brain and the digestive system of the fetus.

In the middle of the second month of pregnancy, the fetus is about 2 cm and weighs 20 g.

If your first appointment with your gynecologist has already taken place, if you received the results of your blood test, then you know whether or not you are immune from toxoplasmosis.

If you are not immune, you will have the task of cleaning the litter your cat to your spouse, avoid contact with the earth (thus thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables) and thoroughly cook meat.

For prevention against listeriosis, it is advisable for pregnant women to avoid all raw milk cheeses and not to eat raw meat.

Anyway, a balanced diet is a must for proper child development and health of your pregnancy.

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