First trimester - First month of pregnancy

First 6 weeks of gestation

Fertilization of your egg by a sperm of the father-held ...
During the first three days after fertilization, the egg back in the fallopian tubes to get to the uterus where it will settle for nine months!

Egg cells begin their work long division ... but you do not know yet!
One week after fertilization, the egg is 0.1 mm ...

This is after two or three weeks after fertilization, in anticipation of menstruation does not come, you will be able to do a pregnancy test that will confirm that you are pregnant.

A state that can be accompanied in the early days of fatigue, chest hurts, sometimes even the morning sickness appeared ...

Once the test result in hand, you can if you wish, visit your gynecologist to make sure everything is okay.

The first required review must be made before the 12th week of gestation, So you have the time!

However, now secure your appointment.
Your doctor, along with a pelvic exam, when you prescribe a blood test for confirmation of your pregnancy by hormone assay, for dating of fertilization, and to establish your serology (determining your blood group, rhesus completed blood, HIV, toxoplasmosis, antibodies) and a urinalysis (screening for a possible diabetes research albumin ...).

Your starting weight and your blood pressure will also be addressed.
Your doctor will be your medical record will accompany you throughout your pregnancy.
Know only a gynecologist obstetrician will follow you until the end of your pregnancy (the obstetrician practice deliveries), the gynecologist will follow him until the declaration of pregnancy (16th week of gestation *). You should then contact an obstetrician.

Side baby, after the first month of pregnancy, small buds that are the sketch of the arms, and legs are already on the embryo that you wear ...

If your gynecologist has the necessary equipment to do an ultrasound, you will be happy to let you show your offspring become: his head marked with two large black spots (eyes) you can hear his heart beating at a gallop ( between 100 and 130 beats per minute!).
At the end of the first month the embryo is 5 mm ...
Long way still to go ...

* Week of gestation:
This is by convention the term used by the medical profession (SA) to estimate the stage of pregnancy (known weeks of gestation, not months).

The calculation of the evolution of pregnancy in weeks of amenorrhea by the first day of your last period (the first month of pregnancy corresponds to six weeks of amenorrhea).
The term pregnancy is 41 weeks pregnant.

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