First trimester - Pregnancy in the first quarter

Pregnancy in the first quarter.

Congratulations, you're pregnant! It so begins one of the most beautiful stories of a man and a woman who decided to put a child into the world.

The first trimester is undoubtedly the most emotionally loaded (with the birth of course).
The merger of the woman's egg with the sperm of man is the beginning of a great adventure: pregnancy.

The embryo, infinitely small, will gradually develop in the uterus of the woman to reach the stage of the fetus.

From the first visit to the gynecologist, the medical record will be established, and the timing of pregnancy and expected date of delivery will be given.

Laboratory tests, urinalysis ... a full assessment will be established to detect immunities, check the health of the pregnant woman ...

It's also time to administrative procedures: statement from the Health Insurance Fund, the Caf, choice of maternity and even if it seems an a bit premature entry to the nursery or with a nanny ...

During the first three months, the woman's body will gradually change: the organization is better prepared to participate in the growth of the child.

Alongside these physical changes, the small annoyances of the first quarter may arise for pregnant nausea or vomiting, extreme fatigue.

It was also during the third month that will be performed the first ultrasound, magical moment of happiness: the encounter with the future baby.

Month after month, you will find in our section all phases of the evolution of your pregnancy, information and tips to live better in the first quarter.

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