What is Organic Food?

Have you ever thought why some foods as "organic?" According to a survey, more than half of Americans buy organic food in recent years. 21 October 2002, all food sold in America - whether locally manufactured or imported -. "Organic" in particular, the quality of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to abandon must be met by a bear

Organic foods are grown and processed more than conventional foods. Argue that the USDA definition of organic food:

Organic food is to highlight the next renewable energy and soil conservation, and the environment is produced by farmers using the water-quality improvement. Organic meat, eggs, poultry and dairy products that come with no antibiotics or growth hormones are also animals. Organic food to conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers w / ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering or ionizing radiation is produced and manufactured in a good number of non-use. A product "organic," as before, the principles of government certifier of organic food, farmers, USDA is required to follow all the rules, inspects some of the approval of a holding to make a full-grown. Companies to facilitate the engagement, or the way of organic food to your local supermarket or restaurant is the amount that reaches the conclusion that it is done.

If you have food, natural pesticide free or hormone unrestrained organic, the words should not be considered synonymous with the term. The general use of the word, according to the USDA, organic food is defined as at least 95% of regular products. The producers want USDA biological seal for use in marketing their products. Products are 100% organic ingredients 100% organic. Use the USDA seal of dabahudagide not mandatory, but not all organic products can be found on the seal.

In America, I buy organic food; organic foods have been responsible for more than 70%; fruits and vegetables are purchased. Because of the quality of organic food production is needed, these foods are usually - more expensive than their counterparts in an organic matter.

The use of organic food with a USDA organic food close to the words that carry the label is controlled by the claim, but there is no food more wholesome and safe.

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