What is stress?

Stress can be considered as a reason the word physical, emotional, chemical substance that causes physical and mental unrest reason to die causes the disease. Physical and chemical factors that can cause stress to include trauma, infections, poisons, disease and injury character. The causes of emotional stress and tension are numerous and varied. Although many people associate the term die "stress" with psychological researchers, stress, and doctors use this term, the force that affected the stability and balance bodily functions generally.

Stipulation stress disrupts body sense of balance; it is the entire stress awful? Mild stress and tension can every so often be valuable. For example, who feel in some way a project brief stress management often needed to be in good work, better focus and work vigorously.
what is stress measured in
Likewise, for a limited time it can produce a temporary stress on bodily functions, but its health benefits are undeniable. It is only when stress is overwhelming; from poor management and that negative effects occur an important goal for those who stressed that the management of life stress. Removing stress is unrealistic, that stress is a normal part of life dies. It is impossible to eliminate contact stress, and it would be appropriate to do it. Instead, we learn to manage stress, so stress levels and what consequences follow our physical and mental health.

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