Nutrition during lactation

Not only, in pregnancy but also during lactation eats the baby with. All you lactating mother take as is, breast milk in. This mother and child with all essential nutrients are supplied, is a healthy and balanced diet is necessary.

Increased nutrient requirements

The calorie and nutrient requirements have been increased during pregnancy and increase's breast-feeding at once. As a fully breastfeeding mother, you have a higher-energy requirement of about 700 calories. Above all, adequate vitamins you should take. Minerals are usually in sufficient quantities in breast milk, malnutrition at the expense of maternal reserves.

On the daily diet should mainly fruit, vegetables, whole grains, milk and milk products are available from the milk and milk products' same elevated calcium requirements during lactation. Whole grain contains above all, many B vitamins. Fruits and vegetables contain a variety of valuable vitamins.
nutrition during lactation and pregnancy

1 - 2 times per week fish and iodized salt supply the body with sufficient iodine. Iodine plays as part of the thyroid hormones played an important role in the growth and cell division.

Since the iron, requirements increase during lactation, it is recommended 2-3 times a week to eat meat. However, grain, fish, dried fruits, whole grains, leafy vegetables and nuts contain valuable iron. Nevertheless, you should not directly or dairy products are eaten with milk. Since it contains calcium, which inhibits absorption of iron. Iron is the transport of oxygen in our body is responsible for the formation of blood and needed to help remove free radicals.


Sage or mint does not drink in large quantities because they can affect weaning. However, acidic juices and highly acidic fruits such as citrus fruits, should be treated with caution. They cause some babies a sore butt. Carbonated beverages may also lead to bloating and breast milk inhibit. Caution is as well flatulent vegetables such as cabbage, onions, legumes, commanded. Even though, what the mother is not in baht, the child usually does not cause problems too. The best food carefully you try these possible reactions of the baby watch.

Caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee, black tea or cola should be enjoyed in just Maassen. An increased consumer anxiety and sleep disorders can lead to the baby.

Alcohol should, if possible, during lactation are the drunk, since he also through breast milk in the bloodstream of the baby passes, and his liver is still not able to build it. Most experts, however, have no objection to a glass of wine, if it cannot be a habit, but part of a special occasion again. One should keep in mind that alcohol consumption and breast-feeding as much of the period between.

Be sure you should refrain from a diet during lactation, because the degradations of fat-soluble pollutants are fat-free, which pass into breast milk. An intense reduction of calorie intake can also reduce the amount of milk.


Since breastfeeding is a large amount of liquid in the form of milk to the baby gives when, it also has a higher fluid requirement. People drink too little during this time; this can inhibit milk production. Three liters per day are quite reasonable, preferably low-calorie beverages like water or unsweetened tea.

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