Baby food

The diet of the child plays an important role in his physical and mental development. In the first six month is sufficient for most baby's formula milk. Breast milk or industrially produced milk food contains all the essential nutrients the baby needs the start in life. Afterwards, the sufficient supply of milk alone is no longer adequate because of the calorie requirements increase and the iron stores are depleted. It must be fed, until the end of the mash and then fixed fare.

Sometimes, there are reasons why breast-feeding mothers cannot or will not, then offers the industrially produced infant formula is an appropriate alternative. This would be also not breast-fed babies everything they need for healthy growth.

Formula is for all newborns and infants during the first six months before suitable. Then you should switch to a follow-on formula, because it is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and minerals that a child in this phase of development requires.

The so-called special foods, such as HA-milk or diet is, with certain nutritional disorders have been developed for children. You should consult a pediatrician lined with after only.

Baby's foods

After the first half year of life, enough milk alone for most babies due to the increased demand for energy and nutrients no longer sufficient. The so-called complementary food supplements the diet and gradually replaced the milk meals. For foods include all foods other than milk food, infants in the first year are suitable.
baby food diet
Only a vegetable and later vegetable and potato meat broth. At a distance of 4 - 5-week porridge followed now by the milk-grain cereal at night and the fruit pulp in the afternoon. Towards the end of the child, easily chewable year of life family food used to be slow.


Sooner or later the question on most parents. Who cooks itself can determine the ingredients themselves; children are accustomed to fresh food and save money. However, work and time he needs to invest.

Ready broad the glass, however, is simple and quick to prepare, due to the strict rules with extremely low emissions, but with three times as expensive as fond of cooking with organic products in addition, glass often containing insufficient calories, fat and vitamins. Here you should focus on the manufacturer's specifications and needs oil or butter and fruit juice to add to.

Breast milk

The ideal milk for babies is already given to us by nature: the mother's milk. She always has the right and the individual needs of composition.

In addition, breast milk is heated properly, germ-free, is free and easily available. Ideally, when breast-feeding from the start works with. Should it not be possible, it is advisable to pump breast milk in the bottle and give the baby.

Nutrition in the 1st Age

Some foods, such as early carrot, potato and spinach, apple, pear and banana are highly digestible and extremely basic for the initial Breiversuche to recommend this whereas on other foods such as eggs, milk, salt, sugar, honey and nuts should be avoided in the first years.

The more milk food meals are replaced by solid, even more important is to drink. The child should add liquid available, preferably in the form of mineral water, that is suitable for baby food or unsweetened tea.

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