Healthy Living for Women

To stay healthy at any age begins with eating a balanced diet, maintain proper weight and regular schedule of physical fitness. In 1996, Harvard Report on Cancer Prevention Center found that 50% of all cancer risk. One of the most important thing's women can do to maintain optimal health is to visit a gynecologist for their annual physical examinations, including pap libel for all women aged 18 if sexually active. Pap smear is the only tool for cancer screening in a significant decline in rates of cervical cancer led.
tips for healthy living for women
Tips for healthy living

There is debate about the age women should begin annual mammography, but is generally somewhere between forty and fifty. Breast self-exam should begin as soon as the girls reach puberty, so it becomes a habit by the time girls reach adulthood.

Women should have 25-64 screens per annum, which include height, weight, blood pressure, and after 50 years for all women, colon cancer should be tested.

practice safe sex, always use a condom if you're on a long-term monogamous relationship with HPV (the most common cause of cervical cancer) and other sexually transmitted diseases.

calcium is important for women of all ages - studies show that calcium supplementation can prevent up to 50 percent of all PMS symptoms, including abdominal pain, and daily calcium is a critical factor in preventing osteoporosis after menopause

the use of folic acid significantly reduces the risk of birth defects and should be used by all women considering pregnancy

vitamin E 400-800 mg per day is recommended to help women in menopause, hot flashes and night sweats subsided, and help protect the heart and immune system

if you smoke - stop

stress plays an important role in many diseases and finds ways to reduce stress can add years to your life

the importance of hormonal balance in women increased after age thirty, and may require the use of prescription or hormone-replacement therapy

visit your dentist regularly beautiful smile and keep your mouth healthy

find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily schedule. If you do not have time for fitness - take a walk or stairs instead of the elevator, take the garden or yard work, park your car at the entrance, and so on

drink at least eight glasses of eight grams of water daily to help flush impurities from your body and maintain proper hydration

always use sunscreen and / or wear a hat if you're in the sun, protect against skin cancer in the future on the skin

follow your doctor's recommendation on diet, exercise and nutrition, as well as its recommendations for preventive health care routine.

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