Child food allergies behavior

Some children have problems with some foods, from mild intolerance to fatal turn-phylactic shock indeed, all the foods that cause allergic reactions, mostly from cow's milk, peanuts, nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat products. And although not all the answers to be life-threatening, it is important to realize that children are often exposed to the allergen in more than one encounters obstacles. Some allergens, such as peanut butter is eventually associated with severe reactions, but the food can cause anaphylaxis. If concerns, consult a physician skilled in allergic reactions is recommended.

Most parents know that their child was diagnosed with allergies, the risk of resistance, injection of adrenaline, also known as adrenaline is administered quickly, no matter how mild early symptoms many, however, that need assistance in terms of better planning and more effective measures.

National initiative to respond to urgent questions of anaphylaxis, a special day for a pharmacist-run health of the children to look at the Shoppers Drug Mart was planned for 800 / Pharmaprix country on Thursday, 19 Pharma-costs September in these countries will meet one-on-one training run averse people, parents or guardians of children and other potentially life-threatening food allergies. The meeting is an example of how to manage the treatment of an auto-injector, how to recognize early symptoms and what should have to do an anaphylactic reaction.
child behavior problems or food allergies
Anaphylaxis Canada, Association of Quebec Allergy Shoppers Drug Mart Alimentaries / Pharmaprix initiative on this important health issue and recommended that the September 19 information go a long way to obtain information and establish clear rules on the road. Contact shopper's Drug Mart / Pharmaprix meeting.

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