How to get the courage to lose weight

The famous Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: "I will never do anything in this world without courage is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor."

Take heart, how to lose weight? You bet it does! The question is .... we have the courage to lose weight?

Let's look at some of the weight-loss pitfalls may need courage to overcome. Even if it does not apply to everyone, we must be aware of these traps.

Emulation - Do you have a sister whom you are regularly competing with? While we love our brothers and sisters, we must realize that our weight-loss success may not always receive the warmest response! When we finally begin to exercise and drop that extra 40 pounds. But our sister does, how it would affect sibling relationships? All too frequently, our sister is jealous and respond negatively to our success. Soon find ourselves regretting our sensation.

Debt - Yes, we may still feel at fault about our weight loss accomplishment! What happens if we lose the extra weight, but our best friend? 'Survivor Syndrome' Similarly, we can call the 'success syndrome "phenomenon. Remember, a woman with her mother, her weight battled all my life. This is the way 15-25 years! Suddenly, she is thin, and the mother is still overweight .... This scenario may feel guilt, that person successful.

NOTE - Once we start exercising regularly, we'll burn fat and tone muscle. It is likely that we will succeed in our efforts to lose weight; you will begin to attract the attention of the opposite sex. As fun as it might seem, it can be annoying to some of us.

Husband - "In a marriage or romantic relationship, may have a balance over time is found, consider the marriage of a man who smokes and drinks and not be promoted and his wife is stupid, when it upset the balance .. lose weight, no pressure him to achieve progress in the battle fields of the default.

Another reason that someone may not want their partner to lose weight, say, a person is angry and had a hard time talking about their feelings, and exaggerating the other person, on a piece of apple pie. If their partner to lose weight will not be what it takes to manage or express hostility.

Alternatively, someone might have their overnight partner, said: "You're not as good as you're used to," but then when their partner begins to resist the weight of not 'good enough' feeling, not lose them. One woman said that her husband was really her food from his plate. He feels vulnerable when she lost weight and did his finest to undo her lose weight "(Basis: Dr. Edward Abramson, a clinical psychologist who specialized in body image is the author of Body Intelligence, how to lose weight and remain feeling good about their body w/o dieting, because in September 2005, McGraw-Hill.)

Courage! - It's easy to see that some of us may need the courage to deal with our weight loss after we have achieved. However, we have the courage to tackle these problems! Some weight loss tips in bold:

Invite a jealous sister practice with us. If the offer is rejected, then make sure that we offer!

Remember that we are responsible for our failures and success .... as a friend or family member fails to excessive weight, which is not our fault! We are just on top of us!

Invite our spouse, to help us shop for healthy food and cooking fine meals.
Be brave! We can do it!

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